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Matka the Curse Weaver V Blood Carriers (Cursed Forest)

In-game Description

Some say Marka is the oldest of the witches, but the truth is nobody knows how or when these timeless creatures were born. A force of nature and a mockery of humanity, she is utterly beyond reason.


"Matka the Curse Weaver" iconMatka the Curse Weaver, a Level 74 V Blood Carrier, resides in the "Nest of the Curse Weaver" iconNest of the Curse Weaver in the west of the Cursed Forest. Known as one of the oldest witches, Matka is a force of nature beyond reason. Defeating her grants a Tier 2 Spell Point and the spells "Mosquito" iconMosquito, Veil of Illusion, and "Mist Trance" iconMist Trance. Players also unlock the Advanced Loom structure and recipes for "Ghost Yarn" iconGhost Yarn and Mosquito.

Matka’s attacks include summoning mosquitoes, casting Swamp Bombs that inflict a fading snare, Crawling Snake spells that cause explosions, the Pig Curse that transforms players into pigs, and Unstable Mosquitoes that hunt and explode.


  • Summon "Mosquito" iconMosquito: Matka summons two mosquitoes (with no limit to how many can be summoned).
  • Swamp Bomb: Summons three area of attack bombs that inflict fading snare.
  • Crawling Snake: Summons a spell that crawls along the ground and creates three explosions.
  • Pig Curse: Says “veins of the world sing,” turning the player into a pig for a few seconds and summoning four snake spells.
  • Unstable Mosquito: Says “bones of the tree be mine,” summoning five mosquitoes that hunt down the player and explode.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 9532 Y: 4581
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