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V Rising

Rift Incursions - Endgame Explained

Matt Chard

Rift Incursions is an endgame activity added with the full release of V Rising, offering you the chance to obtain powerful ancestral weapons. To access these incursions, you’ll need to build the Eye of Mortium, which will unveil the “events” across the Ruins of Mortium. Completing these events rewards you with a currency called "Stygian Shard" iconStygian Shards and Greater Stygian Shards and you can spend them at the conveniently placed Vampire Merchants where you’ll exchange them for the ancestral weapons. Read on to find out how you can craft the Eye of Mortium, what to do in the Rift Incursions, and what rewards you can get for participating in them.

The endgame in V Rising involves traveling to the Rift Incursions in the Rifts of Mortium.

Crafting the Eye of Mortium

Before you can access the Rift Incursions, you need to craft the Eye of Mortium for them to appear and to craft it, you’ll need to unlock the recipe. This can be achieved by completing the main quest, where it asks you to upgrade your "Castle Heart" iconCastle Heart to level 3. Doing this will reward you with the recipe to craft it, and it’ll set you back 4x "Iron Ingot" iconIron Ingots, 4x "Scourgestone" iconScourgestone, and 20x Scroll. Once you’ve gathered the materials, place it in a suitable place within your castle and interact with it. From now on, whenever you go to your map you’ll be told if a Rift Incursion is active, and if so, how long it will stay open. Alternatively, if one isn’t available, then it will tell you how long until they become active.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to craft the Eye of Mortium to access Rift Incursions. You’ll get this recipe from the main quest.

You’ll need to craft the Eye of Mortium to access Rift Incursions. You’ll get this recipe from the main quest. (left), Place the Eye of Mortium in your castle, and your map will now display Rift Incursions. (right)

Completing Rift Incursions

When Rift Incursions are active, they’ll appear in the Ruins of Mortium, situated on the east of the map. Incursions have two tiers with the first being Tier 1, which is for level 57 and above, and then you have Tier 2, which is recommended for level 80+. For endgame, you should only be interested in Tier 2 as they will give you the Greater Stygian Shards, with Tier 1 giving you the regular version. The Tier 2 incursions will always occur after Tier 1 finishes. Once the Incursions become active, you’ll have a time limit to complete as many incursions as you can within the allotted time. This varies by what you choose in the settings, but it’s usually between 15–30 minutes.

(1 of 3) Tier 1 and 2 Rift Incursions can appear in all the circled locations in the Ruins of Mortium. Two or three incursions will be up at a time.

To complete an Incursion event, head over to the Incursion event indicated by either a 1 or 2 depending on its tier. Find the summoning circle and follow the faded black line from it to an area with a red crystal. Defeat all the enemies there, of which there’ll be a few waves, and then the crystal will break, releasing some shards. Go back to the summoning circle, follow another line to another site, and do the same. Now, go back to the summoning circle, where you’ll find a boss you need to defeat.

Tier 1 incursion bosses are called Lesser Blood Soul and Tier 2 are called Primal Blood Souls. Although their names will stay the same throughout the incursions, the bosses will change. For example, a Lesser Blood Soul in one event might have frost attacks, while another Lesser Blood Soul could have Unholy attacks. The same goes for the Primal Blood Soul bosses too. These bosses are challenging, especially the Tier 2 bosses, so make sure you come equipped with the best possible gear, and preferably go with a group of friends to beat them.

(1 of 4) Completing Tier 1 incursions will drop the regular Stygian Shards.

Rift Incursion Rewards

The rewards for completing a Rift Incursion are either Stygian Shards for completing the Tier 1 events or Greater Stygian Shards for Tier 2. Also, there is a small chance for these events to drop Ancestral Weapons, although they are a low drop rate. In general, the main reason for doing these incursions is to accrue as many Stygian Shards as you can, and then head over to the Vampire Merchants located here Map Marker and here Map Marker.

(1 of 2) Visit the Vampire Merchants in the Ruins of Mortium to exchange your shards.

Visit the Vampire Merchants in the Ruins of Mortium to exchange your shards. (left), The cost here is reduced due to us changing the settings. The normal cost is 1500 shards. (right)

You’ll need 1500 Greater Stygian Shards for each Ancestral Weapon (default cost) and every time you purchase one it has a small chance of giving you the legendary version of the weapon, which has enhanced stats. Once you’ve acquired the weapon shards, you’ll need to take it to the Ancestral Forge back at your castle and rebuild it there with the required materials.

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