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V Rising

Finn the Fisherman Boss Guide

Shane Williams

There are lots of challenging V Blood Bosses lurking around in V Rising and this page details how to find and kill the V blood boss, Finn the Fisherman. Defeating this fiend will provide you with the Fishing Pole Recipe and a Tier 1 Frost Spell Point.

Finn the Fisherman can be found southwest of the Hallowed Mountains

Finn the Fisherman Location

You’ll want to focus on getting your gear level to around 30+ before challenging Finn the Fisherman and this can be done by crafting the Nightstalker set via the simple workbench. Additionally, we recommend that you bring along the Merciless Copper Longbow or Crossbow. With your equipment up to scratch, visit the V Blood Menu and track Finn. He can be found over at the fishing lake which is located to the southwest of the Hallowed Mountains.

Finn the Fisherman Boss Strategy

Finn the Fisherman is a fairly straightforward boss fight if you come properly equipped, but he still has some attacks up his sleeve which can cause you a bit of trouble. We recommend that you keep your distance and attack Finn with your bow as this will give you an adequate amount of time to dodge any of his incoming attacks.

Fish Attacks

The main gimmick of this battle is that Finn will summon a variety of fish such as a Pufferfish, Serpent, and Piranhas throughout the battle. These will have unique attacks that can do lots of damage overtime if not dealt with immediately. Pufferfish are best attacked from a distance as they’ll unleash explosions when defeated. Piranhas will follow you around the arena while nibbling at your toes, but these can be taken down with a couple swipes of your sword. Finally, the Serpent will pop up in the center of the arena and will attempt to bite you, so you’ll want to keep on the move while shooting it with spells.

(1 of 4) Keep on the move to avoid the net.

Physical Attacks

The barrage of fish isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to Finn the Fisherman, as he has some physical attacks up his sleeve if you get too close, such as a simple slash or kick which deal minor damage to a whirlwind which will deal significantly more. After the whirlwind, Finn will typically follow-up by trying to throw a net at you. If caught, you’ll be pulled towards him and will leave you open to attacks. However, most of these attacks can be avoided by keeping your distance and staying on the move.

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