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V Rising

How to get Servants

Matt Chard

This page will cover everything you need to know about servants in V Rising, including when you can access them, and how you can manage them.

What are Servants

In vampire lore, they can use their charm, and persuasion to control humans, and you can do this in V Rising. They’ll play a big part in the meta game later on as you’ll be able to send them off in “Hunts” which’ll let you choose where to send them, bringing you back valuable resources. Before you get ahead of yourselves, you’ll first have to learn how to do this.

How to unlock Servants

Before you can unlock Servants, you’ll have to progress through the “main quest” which can be found at the top-left of your screen. There are 18 quests all together, and you’ll need to complete the 14th quest titled “Lord of the Manor” to receive the Servant Coffin recipe. The next quest that follows titled “Servants” will reward you with the Vampire Power “Dominating Presence”. To complete the “Servants” quest you’ll need to construct a Servant Coffin. This will cost you 16x Planks, 8x Copper Ingots, and 1x Greater Blood Essence. At this stage of the game, the Greater Blood Essences will be the hardest material to get. You can find out how to get them here.

You can find Servant Coffins under Dominance > Production in the building menu.

Once you’ve constructed the Servant Manor Coffin, you’ll get the Dominating Presence Vampire Power, this’ll allow you to “charm” humans, and make them servants by bringing the charmed human back to the Servant Coffin, and placing them in it. It costs one coffin per servant which means you’ll have to construct more coffins if you want more servants. One more thing to note is that you are limited to a certain amount of Servant Coffins in relation to your Castle Heart level.

How to use Dominating Presence

(1 of 2) Activate Dominating Presence from the Action wheel

Activate Dominating Presence from the Action wheel (left), then use Kiss or the Vampire on any human to begin charming them. You’re vulnerable to taking damage in this state. (right)

Now that you have access to the Vampire Power Dominating Presence, you can start charming the populace in Vardoran. To access the Dominating Presence power, hold the power menu button down (default Left Ctrl-Filled) and hover over the Dominating Presence Power in the circular wheel. This will change your R-Key-Filled spell slot to “Kiss of the Vampire”. With this skill, you’ll be able to charm any human providing they are at or under 30% of their health. Note, that Kiss of the Vampire is a channeling skill, and whilst you wait for it to channel, you can still be attacked by the charmed target, so make sure your health is topped up! When they are charmed, you can either bring them back to the Servant Coffin at your castle to make them your servant, or release them by pressing R-Key-Filled again.

Servant Types

When you place the servant into the coffin, you’ll be able to see what stats they come with before you convert them.

Once the humans are converted, there are a few things you should know about your new servants.

  • Blood Type – This determines what the servant is capable of, and what traits that they’ll likely come equipped with. For example, a Brute blood type is more likely to come equipped with a fighter trait like Tenacious Strength whilst a Scholar will most likely have a trait regarding spell casting.

  • Blood Quality – The Blood Quality determines how high their expertise will be. For example, 29% quality translates into 3-6% expertise.

  • Expertise – This stat boosts the amount of Power acquired from equipment. The higher the expertise, the higher their Power level will be.

  • Power Level / Gear – Their Power level (indicated by crossed swords) is determined by what gear they have equipped, and how high their expertise is. The Power Level is one of the most important stats they have, because the higher the Power Level, the better the mission you can send them out to. This is because each area has a designated Power Level, so expect the better resources locked behind a higher Power Level.

  • Faction – The Faction is determined by where you got your thrall, if you got them from the Dunley Farmlands area, they’ll more likely come equipped with a trait that lowers the difficulty of the hunts in that specific area by 100. This allows the servant to do the hunt in that specific area with worse gear.

How to equip Servants

As you can see here, BeefyBruce has only just been converted, and hasn’t been equipped yet.

To equip your servant, interact with them by pressing F-Key-Filled. In this screen, you can equip them with a Weapon, Chest, Legs, Boots, Arms, and Jewelry. Their gear level works the same way that your gear level works. So, the better equipment they have, the higher their gear level will be.

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