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V Rising

Azariel the Sunbringer Boss Guide

Matt Chard

"Azariel the Sunbringer" iconAzariel the Sunbringer is a level 77 Act 4 boss in V Rising situated in the "Brighthaven Cathedral" iconBrighthaven Cathedral, which is in the far west of Silverlight Hills. Although Azariel is the main man of the Church of Luminance, he rewards you with a Tier 2 Chaos spell point even if he uses holy magic himself. Aside from the spell point, you’ll also unlock the recipes for ‘Ostentatious’ Carpets and "Gold Ingot" iconGold Ingots. Read on to find out how you can negate the Holy Radiation, locate Azariel, and what you need to do to defeat him.

Azariel the Sunbringer is a level 77 Act 4 boss in V Rising who utilizes holy magic.

Azariel the Sunbringer Location

You’ll find Azariel in the Brighthaven Cathedral (Map Marker) which is situated in the far west of Silverlight Hills. The easiest way to get there is to teleport to "Silverlight Hills Waygate" iconSilverlight Hills Waygate (Map Marker) and follow the path south, and then southwest. Continue along the path, which will begin to head west before turning south. Once you reach the intersection in Brighthaven Square (Map Marker), take the western path to find Brighthaven Cathedral. Note that this area has heavy holy radiation, so make sure you have resistance to that before entering.

(1 of 2) Azariel the Sunbringer can be found at Brighthaven Cathedral in Silverlight Hills.

Azariel the Sunbringer can be found at Brighthaven Cathedral in Silverlight Hills. (left), You’ll find him at the back of the Cathedral. (right)

Heavy Holy Radiation Solution

If you go into Brighthaven Cathedral without protection, you will take damage over time while you’re in it, which can be problematic if you’re fighting a boss. Fortunately, all you need is 50 Holy Resistance to rectify this. There are various ways to get Holy Resistance, but your best bet is to drink a Holy Resistance Potion. This will give you exactly 50 Holy Resistance, which is perfect for your needs. Hopefully, you have the recipe for this, if not, defeat Meridith the Bright Archer who you can find here (Map Marker).

Now that you have the recipe, you’ll need the materials which are 60x Sunflowers, 1x "Grave Dust" iconGrave Dust, and 1x Empty "Glass" iconGlass Bottle. The Sunflowers can be found at the various farms in Dunley Farmlands, with this spot being particularly good (Map Marker). For the Grave Dust, head to the nearest cemetery, such as the "Church of the Damned" iconChurch of the Damned (Map Marker). Finally, place some "Quartz" iconQuartz into the Furnace to obtain glass, and then use either the Furnace or Alchemy Table to craft the empty bottle. Place all these ingredients into the Alchemy Table to craft the Holy Resistance Potion, which will last you one hour per potion.

(1 of 2) You can craft a Holy Resistance Potion at the Alchemy Bench, but you’ll need the recipe first.

You can craft a Holy Resistance Potion at the Alchemy Bench, but you’ll need the recipe first. (left), When used, it’ll grant you 50 Holy Resistance for an hour and appear above your hotbar. (right)

Azariel the Sunbringer Strategy

As you reach the stairs leading to the Cathedral, drink your Holy Resistance Potion, and defeat the enemies as you head on up. For your spells, we recommend Veil of Chaos for the second dodge, "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage for the movement speed increase and small heal, and "Power Surge" iconPower Surge for another speed boost and increased attack speed. Finally, use "Wisp" iconWisp Dancer for your Ultimate, as it will do decent damage while leeching health. Before you start the battle, be aware that the Cathedral has holy pillars scattered around the room that’ll shoot holy bolts at you when you get near to them. For this reason, we recommend fighting Azariel at the back of the Cathedral in the center to avoid this. Let’s have a gander at what spells you can expect from Azariel.

  • Holy Explosion: Azariel will unleash a slow-moving orb of holy energy at your location. When it comes in contact with an object, it’ll trigger an explosion indicated with a large red marker. If the orb touches you, it’ll deal minor damage while still triggering the explosion. As this orb travels slowly, walk out of its path and make sure you’re not near the object it will come in contact with.

  • Holy Wavebolts: Azariel will unleash four waves of holy bolts that travel from him toward you. As these travel further out, they’ll spread apart, allowing you to stand between them. Alternatively, dodge through them using Veil of Chaos, and attack Azariel, replenishing your health.

  • Summon Aide: Throughout the battle, Azariel will summon a Cardinal Aide who will shoot holy projectiles at you. Make sure you defeat them as soon as they appear, otherwise, you’ll end up having to waste precious dodges on their attacks instead. They don’t have a lot of health, but they will protect themselves with a holy barrier that’ll negate damage. Continue attacking them and the barrier will break, and they will die.

  • Holy Barrier: This is a damage negation barrier, not an impenetrable barrier, meaning that as long as you keep attacking Azariel, the barrier will break, and you can continue to deplete his health. Note that this barrier slowly regenerated health, although not by a lot.

  • Holy Storm: Azariel will conjure up a storm of holy bolts that randomly strike the surrounding ground. This will be indicated with small red markers. Simply move away from Azariel and stay out of the markers to avoid the attack.

  • Retreating Bolts: After attacking Azariel in melee range for a bit, he’ll teleport to another location leaving behind numerous holy bolts that travel outwards in every direction. Back up a bit, and maneuver between the incoming bolts. Alternatively, dodge away from the bolts twice with Veil of Chaos.

  • Channeled Altar: Azariel will conjure a small altar that is channeled to him. The altar will cast holy energy next to it, indicated with a yellow marker. Defeat the altar, which doesn’t have a lot of health to stop this attack.

(1 of 8) Holy Explosion: A slow orb of holy energy will travel in a line until it hits an object.

By far the most difficult part of this battle is avoiding the Holy Wavebolts with the Retreating Bolts spell coming a close second. You can dodge through these if it’s available, but the easiest method to avoid them is to back up from Azariel and stand in between them. Once you try this a couple of times, it becomes easy to avoid. The rest of his attacks shouldn’t cause you any problems. The Channeled Altar dies in a few hits, the Holy Explosion has to be the slowest-moving projectile you’ll ever see, and the explosion won’t hit you provided you stay in the center.

(1 of 2) Holy Pillars: There are four holy pillars in the Cathedral. Two near the door, and one on both walls at the back.

Holy Pillars: There are four holy pillars in the Cathedral. Two near the door, and one on both walls at the back. (left), Holy Pillars: These will fire out holy bolts anytime you get near them. (right)

Holy Storm will only hit you if you stand next to Azariel, even then it will most likely miss, and the Cardinal Aides are more of an annoyance than an actual threat. As Azariel’s health gets lower, he’ll cast the spells more often to the point of doing nothing else outside repeatedly using Holy Wavebolts, and the odd Holy Explosion. That’s about it from Azariel, his attacks look more threatening than they actually are, and once you learn how to deal with the Holy Wavebolts, you’ll defeat him in no time. Once Azariel is defeated, you’ll receive a Tier 2 Chaos spell point and recipes for ‘Ostentatious’ Carpets and Gold Ingots.

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