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V Rising

Where to Get Scales

Scott Peers

This page details where to find Scales in V Rising. We’ll cover the best places to find this valuable material including from Toads, Spiders, Mosquitoes, and Earthworms in the Cursed Forest. We’ll also cover what Scales are used for in the game.

How to Find Scales in V Rising

Icon Name Description Use
VRising_Scales.png Scales Reagent used for crafting Required item to craft the Dawnthorn armor set

Kill Toads, Spiders, Mosquitoes, and Earthworms in the Cursed Forest

The best source for Scales in V Rising is by killing various types of creatures within the Cursed Forest region, which is located in the northeast of Vardoran. You’ll find that different creatures drop different amounts of Scales. Earthworms drop by far the most, often providing around 50 - 80 Scales each. However, these creatures are fairly rare within the Cursed Forest, and they often only spawn by ambushing you in the swamp / marsh areas of the region, particularly in the northwest. The good news is that if you roam around this area while killing Toads, Spiders and Mosquitoes, it shouldn’t take too long before an Earthworm appears, and by the time you’re done you should have at least one stack of 500 Scales.

Aside from the swamp / marsh regions of the Cursed Forest, you can also find Scales from Spiders in the Spider Cave, which is located in the far north of the Cursed Forest. These will drop fewer Scales than most of the other creatures, but since there are so many of them, you can still leave the cave with a decent amount.

Deconstruct Fish in the Devourer for Scales

The above method in the Cursed Forest is easily the fastest and most efficient way to farm Scales, but another viable method is by fishing. You’ll need to craft a Fishing Pole from the Woodworking Bench before you can go fishing, the recipes for both of which can be acquired by defeating Rufus the Foreman (Level 20). For more information on fishing, see our page on How To Fish in V Rising.

Once you’ve caught a decent amount of fish, you can place them in the Devourer within your castle. The recipe for this is acquired from Lidia the Chaos Archer (Level 26), so you’ll be fighting these two bosses around the same time. Each fish will yield a different amount of Scales, with the rarer fish providing 10+, and some even providing over 50 Scales each. However, keep in mind that many of the most common fish will not yield Scales when deconstructed by the Devourer. Although this method is much more tedious than farming Scales in the Cursed Forest, it’s the main method you can use while you’re a low level, especially if you’re still mostly exploring within Farbane Woods.

What Are Scales Used For?

The main use for Scales in V Rising at the moment is as a required item for the Dawnthorn armor set, which can be crafted at the Tailoring Bench. You will need a total of 480 Scales to craft an entire set of this armor, with each piece requiring 120 Scales. You will also need some Ghost Yarn and Pristine Leather to craft these pieces, both of which can also be found within the Cursed Forest.

(1 of 3) You’ll need a total of 480 Scales to craft an entire Dawnthorn armor set.

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