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Castle Heart Castle

In-game Description

The heart of your domain. As long as it contains blood essence it will power your castle and keep it from decaying. You can expand your territory with foundations and floors originating from the heart. If the heart is destroyed your entire castle crumbles.


The "Castle Heart" iconCastle Heart is an essential structure that powers all your castle’s structures and defenses. It can only be built on territorial land, claiming the entire territory as your own. Castle Hearts require upkeep in the form of "Blood Essence" iconBlood Essence, remaining powered for 24 hours per 180 Blood Essence. Running out of blood essence causes your territory and its structures to decay, pausing their functioning until it’s refilled. The Castle Heart must be built on the ground floor, but it does not need to be placed inside the castle you eventually build. As you build your castle, your initial flooring tiles must be connected to it. Once the tiles are in place, additional structures may be built on top of them. Enclosing those floor tiles with walls, doors, or windows will generate a roof. When moving the Castle Heart within a territory, all border tiles must somehow connect to the new Castle Heart location. It is also possible to move the entire castle to a new territory using the Castle Relocation Heart.

The Castle Heart can be upgraded to increase its max border tile capacity, servant count, and castle power slots. Upgrading requires various resources and keys, such as "Bone Castle Key" iconBone Castle Key, "Copper Castle Key" iconCopper Castle Key, "Iron Castle Key" iconIron Castle Key, "Golden Castle Key" iconGolden Castle Key, and Dark Silver Castle Key, each unlocking different structures and abilities at each level. For example, level 2 unlocks Castle Walls and Castle Flooring, while level 4 unlocks the Dominate Mount Vampire Power. The Castle Heart also has actions for rivaling castles, where defenses can be disabled, destroyed, or claimed with the corresponding Castle Keys. When a castle’s defenses are disabled, structures within the castle are weakened, and players can walk through walls, doors, and windows, looting all chests and storage instantly. When a castle is destroyed, all structures are dismantled, and the territory claim is revoked. All storage containers drop their loot near the previous Castle Heart. When a castle is claimed, all structures, including prisoners and servants, are transferred to the claimant. On PvE servers, castles may still be destroyed for free if in decay. Additionally, a Castle Heart may be voluntarily exposed for 5 minutes, allowing for a transfer of ownership.




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