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Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier V Blood Carriers (Silverlight Hills)

In-game Description

Formerly a traveling swordsman-for-hire, the good baron earned his title of Grand Sommelier after winning a taste contest hosted by the Church of Luminance. His abilities were so extraordinary, it’s said that he can name the ingredients, their ages, and their place of origin with only a sip of brew. Though his new position offers him all the worldly goods he could desire, those who know him well suspect he may miss the taste of blood on the tip of his blade most of all.


"Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier" iconBaron du Bouchon the Sommelier, a Level 70 character, is located in the "Brighthaven Vineyards" iconBrighthaven Vineyards in Silverlight Hills. Formerly a swordsman-for-hire, he earned his title as Grand Sommelier through his extraordinary tasting abilities. Defeating him unlocks several rewards, including a Tier 2 Spell Point, "Blood Fountain" iconBlood Fountain, Veil of Blood, and "Sanguine Coil" iconSanguine Coil spells. Players can also acquire structures like Rural Garden Fence and Gate, and recipes for "Barrel Disguise" iconBarrel Disguise, "Blood Merlot" iconBlood Merlot, and Blood Merlot Amulet. Possible loot drops include the Bloodmoon Leggings recipe, a Tier 3 Jewel, "Flawless Ruby" iconFlawless Ruby, "Exquisite Heart" iconExquisite Heart, and Gold Jewelry. Despite his new refined role, some believe he still longs for the taste of blood on his blade.

Interactive Map Locations

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1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 4974 Y: 7193
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