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Bundt & Raspberry Rematch Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

One of the post-game bosses in Super Mario RPG is the extra-annoying "Bundt" iconBundt and "Raspberry" iconRaspberry, which has the “Extra-Fancy” moniker. Although it takes some mechanics from the previous boss fight, this version is a lot tougher! It still has "Torte" iconTortes igniting a candle every turn, but when the cake gets fully alight in this version, the cake will use Celebration Shot which will deal 9999 damage to the entire party except the reserves. Not only do you have to deal with that mechanic, but the cake will get two turns every round, and it’ll either deal a lot of damage to your party, or it will put status effects on them which can take them out of the battle, which can be a dealbreaker with the candle mechanic. If you’re having trouble with the Bundt and Raspberry Rematch, read on to find out how to defeat them.

In post-game, head back to the Marrymore Chapel for some cake…

Where to Find Bundt and Raspberry Rematch

You can find Bundt and Raspberry back in "Marrymore" iconMarrymore, inside the Chapel where you fought them before. Simply open your world map, and select Marrymore before heading into the Chapel.

Best Party for Extra-Fancy Bundt and Raspberry

Icon Member
MarioIconSuperMarioRPG.png Mario
MallowIconSuperMarioRPG.png Mallow
PeachIconSuperMarioRPG.png Peach

There is a reason for this party, first, Mario has to be taken, and Peach is a must due to the amount of damage you’ll receive throughout the battle. Now, the last spot is up for grabs, but Mallow having access to healing puts him ahead, although you could switch him out for "Bowser" iconBowser or Geno, and just use healing items instead.

Best Equipment to Fight Extra-Fancy Bundt and Raspberry

If you choose Bowser or Geno over Mallow, equip the Safety Ring on them instead.


Equipment Name
Weapon Lazy Shell
Armor Hero Shirt (Super Suit if you have it)
Accessory Trueform Pin (Attack Scarf if you have it)


Equipment Name
Weapon Sonic Cymbals
Armor Prince Pants
Accessory Safety Ring


Equipment Name
Weapon Frying Pan
Armor Lazy Shell (Armor)
Accessory Feather

Starting with Mario, his best weapon is the Lazy Shell while for the armor, you’ll have a choice. If you have the Super Suit (100 jumps on an enemy) then equip it, if not, equip the Hero Shirt. With his accessory, equip the Trueform Pin to make him resistant to mushroom, and scarecrow, or the Wake-Up Pin for sleep. However, if you have the Attack Scarf (30 jumps on an enemy), equip that as its stats are too good to pass up, and Peach/Mallow can cure him of his status. With Mallow, equip the best gear you have for him, and then equip him with the Safety Ring which can be found on the Sunken Ship. For Peach, equip the Frying Pan by purchasing the Metal Plate from the shop in Moleville, and equip the Lazy Shell (not to be confused by the weapon) as this will nullify all status effects on her. Finally, give her an accessory that boosts speed, such as a Feather.

How to Defeat Extra-Fancy Bundt and Raspberry Rematch

Recommended Level HP Weakness
30 (25 minimum) "Bundt" iconBundt: 3,900, "Raspberry" iconRaspberry: 600 Jump

This is a difficult battle no way you look at it, but you can make things easier on yourself, and then it’s down to RNG. Your priority for this fight is to keep the Tortes asleep for the entire battle, or at least most of it. If they’re asleep, they can’t light the candles. Talking of candles, if the Tortes light them all up, the Cake will cast a Celebration Shot which will wipe out the entire party, dealing 9,999 damage to each one of them. Throughout the battle, Bundt, and Raspberry will have a turn each every round. There will either be a status effect spell on a party member (sleep, mushroom, scarecrow), area-of-effect attacks that can deal up to 120 damage to each party member, or a strong single target spell such as Diamond Saw. If you’ve equipped the party with what’s listed above, you should be okay against status effects other than Mario, who can still get hit by Sleep. This means that you should always have at least two party members available to take a turn every round. Your priority for each round should be this:

  • Are the Tortes awake? If yes, sleep them with Peach (performing a perfect sleep will sleep both of the Tortes).
  • Are there more than two candles lit? If yes, attack the cake with a regular attack to remove a flame.
  • Is someone out of action (downed, slept)? Wake them up or revive them with Peach. A simple heal will do the trick to wake them up, and Come Back will revive them.
  • Is your party’s health less than 50-60%? If so, use Group Hug with Peach.

(1 of 2) Cast Sleepy Time on the Tortes with Peach. If you max out the action prompt, it will target both of them.

Cast Sleepy Time on the Tortes with Peach. If you max out the action prompt, it will target both of them. (left), This will stop the Tortes lighting the candles, which means Bundt can't use the devastating Celebration Shot attack. (right)

This should keep you alive unless you’re unlucky with the RNG. Sometimes the Cake will perform two area-of-effect spells in one round, which has the potential to take out the entire party. There’s not much you can do about this other than try again. Although, you should block every attack that you can. In terms of offense, you will want to perform regular timed attacks with the party. For Mario, use Super Jump, but only if the lit candles are below three, otherwise use a regular attack. Mallow can either use a regular attack too, use items like Royal Syrups, Pick Me Ups, and Max Mushrooms if needed, or Heal with Healing Rain. Finally, Peach will want to keep the Tortes asleep with Sleepy Time and keep the party at, or near to, max health. This should keep her busy enough, but if she has downtime, throw in an attack or two. Keep this up, and stick to the priorities listed here, and you shouldn’t have too many problems. Now, let’s take a look at Bundt and Raspberry’s attacks:


This is what the Tortes use to light up the candles. At each turn, both of them will light up a candle unless slept. You can remove a flame by performing a regular attack on the cake.


Ranged Attack

This is a two-part attack where both Bundt and Raspberry will fire off an orb of light at random party members. This is blockable, but it will come at you quickly, so be ready for it. If you are hit by it, it can deal significant damage.



As the name suggests, it’ll put the targeted party member asleep, causing them to miss a few turns unless woken.


Scarecrow Bell

A single target attack that will turn the targeted party member into a Scarecrow. This will stop you from performing regular attacks.


Diamond Saw

A single-target attack that is blockable. Wait for the blades to come back from off-screen before pressing the Joy-Con-ButtonA button. If left undefended, it’ll deal a significant amount of damage.



An ice-based attack that deals moderate to significant damage.



A water-based area-of-effect attack that deals major damage.


Light Bubble

An area-of-effect attack that hits the party with a large light bubble that will explode upon the party causing significant damage, and putting you to sleep.


Sand Storm

An area-of-effect attack that showers the battlefield with a gust of sand.


Petal Blast

An area-of-effect attack that showers the battlefield with a blast of petals. Has a chance of causing Fear.


Celebration Shot

If all candles are lit, this will deal 9,999 damage to all party members in the current party. This doesn’t include your reserves. The only way to deal with this attack is by stopping the cake from having all the candles set alight. You can do this by preventing them from getting lit up in the first place by casting Sleepy Time on the Tortes or removing one flame at a time by using a regular attack on the cake. Note, that Special Moves will not remove a flame.


Extra-Fancy Bundt and Raspberry Rematch Reward

There you have it, this is a difficult battle that may take you a few attempts, but if you follow the guide, you should pass it with flying colors providing the Cake doesn’t perform two area-of-effect attacks in one round. When you defeat the boss, you’ll be rewarded with an Enduring Brooch which prevents you from going down once per battle. Not bad, if I do say so myself.


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