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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Cross The Sky Bridge - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

The Sky Bridge is a minigame that can be easily missed due to its location at Land’s End. Once you do reach it, getting across the bridge can be a difficult task. There are also three levels to the minigame, each one adding a new rule to make the bridge even harder to cross. The guide below goes over where to find the Sky Bridge minigame and how to successfully cross the bridge.

Sky Bridge is a minigame that has you crossing a floating bridge in Land’s End.

How to Unlock The Sky Bridge Minigame

The Sky Bridge will unlock when you get to Land’s End. You will need to go to the second area of the map to reach the minigame. This is a bit frustrating as there are many enemies you will need to dodge or fight to get there. Once you arrive, you can speak to the NPC in charge of the game. The cost for each round is five coins, and there are three different levels of difficulty to choose from. It can be easy to fall off the Sky Bridge, especially if you try and start in Expert Mode.

Crossing The Sky Bridge - Normal, Special, and Expert Modes

For your first attempt, you will want to start in normal mode. This mode will give you back five coins for winning and is great practice. Once Mario is on the bridge, you simply need to jump to the next block. The jump is automatic, so you don’t need to control where Mario lands. While you are crossing the bridge, Bullet Bills will be shot toward you, and getting hit by one can knock you off the bridge. You will need to carefully make your way forward while jumping over them until you reach the end of the bridge and speak with the NPC on the other side. This means that you just need to hop forward and time your jumps so that you dodge any incoming Bullet Bills. If you need a bit more practice, then hop across the bridge without playing the minigame.

The next mode is the special mode. This mode has all the same features as the normal mode, but this time, the blocks will fall if you spend a few seconds on them. You should move quickly while still timing your jumps so that you can easily avoid Bullet Bills in the process. You will need to move quickly across the bridge while dodging Bullet Bills to keep this from happening. If a block falls with Mario on it, then you will get a game over. If you make it to the end of the bridge, then you will receive eight coins as your prize.

(1 of 3) You can choose from three different difficulty settings.

The final mode for the Sky Bridge minigame is called Expert Mode. This time, you will need to jump and land on your own with no assistance. This is difficult to do, as the blocks will fall from underneath you if you spend too long on them, and Bullet Bills can easily push you into a hole a flying block has left. Once you get down the rhythm of jumping across each block, this minigame becomes a lot easier. Making it to the end of the bridge in Expert Mode will get you a Frog Coin.

If at any time you do happen to fall down, then find the NPC at the bottom of the starting cliff. If you jump on their head, then they will take you back up to where the bridge starts. Here, you can choose to challenge the bridge again. You can also choose to go double or nothing by crossing the bridge again at the end of each course.

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