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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Belome Temple Boss Battle Guide - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

"Belome" iconBelome is back and you’ll encounter this insatiably hungry (yet slumbery) beast for the second time in Belome Temple, fittingly enough. To encounter Belome, continue through "Belome Temple" iconBelome Temple until you reach a room with a cloaked figure standing on a ledge and a Belome switch-statue. Jump up and hit the tongue of the Belome statue and it’ll spit out a scroll. If it reads “Mmm, I’m so hungry! I wish I had something to eat!” you’re good to go - get on the yellow lift to the southeast to proceed. If you instead get a scroll reading “Sorry, I’m not accepting visitors past my bedtime.”, zone out of the area, return, then try again. In the former case, descend a pipe and you’ll reach a room guarded by Belome… very similar to the area he guarded by Belome in the "Kero Sewers" iconKero Sewers. This page will provide hints and tips for defeating Belome in Super Mario RPG.

How to Defeat Belome in Belome Temple

Surprisingly Belome doesn’t recycle a whole lot of attacks from the first fight… not that he had that many to copy. He’s not terribly durable, having only 1,200 HP, but he’s got little in the way of weaknesses you can exploit. Still, a properly leveled party should be able to mow through Belome in a few turns. The only things that complicate matters is Belome’s penchant for inflicting Sleep (now far enhanced from what he could accomplish in the Kero Sewers) and his newfound ability to clone party members, which functionally gives him access to more attacks, including healing.

More annoyingly, all of these clones have bestiary entries, so if you want them all you’ll have to swap in and out characters, hope Belome targets them with his clone-lick attack, and then use Mallow to Thought Peek them. Equip accessories that prevent sleep on characters if possible to prevent this from turning into a Slog, especially on your healers and Mallow, if you want to fill out bestiary entries here.

(1 of 3) Belome has two attacks that damage the entire party and inflict sleep - Aurora Flash,

Belome - Attacks and Special Abilities

Belome is a surprisingly simple boss, having only a handful of attacks. One of these is Belome’s standard lick melee attack, while two others - Aurora Flash and Light Bubble - deal minor damage but attempt to put the entire party to sleep (he can also cast Lulla-Bye, for whatever reason). He’s fond of spamming both of these attacks, so if you’re not protected from sleep, prepare to forfeit a lot of turns. It’s also worth noting that neither of these attacks will wake up afflicted characters.

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
"Belome" iconBelome Lick Physical Licks a single target, dealing moderate damage.
"Belome" iconBelome Lulla-Bye Special Attempts to put one target to sleep.
"Belome" iconBelome Aurora Flash Special Hits the entire party for light damage and inflicts Sleep.
"Belome" iconBelome Light Bubble Special Hits the entire party for light damage and inflicts Sleep.
"Belome" iconBelome Clone Lick Special Creates a copy of the target character.
"Bowser Clone" iconBowser Clone Claw Swipe Physical Deals moderate damage to a single target.
"Geno Clone" iconGeno Clone Rocket Punch Physical Deals moderate damage to a single target.
"Mallow Clone" iconMallow Clone Punch Physical Deals light damage to a single target.
"Mallow Clone" iconMallow Clone Electroshock Special Deals light damage to a single target.
"Mallow Clone" iconMallow Clone Static Electricity Special Deals moderate damage to the entire party.
"Mario Clone" iconMario Clone Jump Special Hits a single target for light damage.
"Peach Clone" iconPeach Clone Recover Special Heals a single target for 100+ HP.
"Peach Clone" iconPeach Clone Slap Physical Deals light damage to a single target.

The meat of this counter is in Belome’s “Clone Lick” ability, where he “tastes” a character before creating a copy of them. It’s not an entirely faithful copy, as the clones have preset stats, resistances, vulnerabilities, and attacks, but it does add extra bodies you have to contend with (Belome will only create two clones at a time) meaning more HP and attacks on the enemy side of the battlefield. Most of these clones are fairly weak, having 200-300 HP, but you do have to be wary of Peach, as she can heal her allies.

(1 of 3) Belome can create clones of characters with his "Clone Lick" attack.

Belome - Stats and Weaknesses

Belome isn’t weak to any elements, but he is vulnerable to Fear, Mute, and Poison. Mute will prevent Belome from launching most attacks for three turns (save his standard melee lick) and while useful, arguably isn’t necessary to defeat this beast.

Enemy HP Weaknesses Resistances
"Belome" iconBelome 1200 Fear, Mute, Poison Sleep
"Bowser Clone" iconBowser Clone 300 Ice Fear, Fire, Jump, Mute, Poison, Sleep
"Geno Clone" iconGeno Clone 250 Fire Fear, Ice, Jump, Mute, Poison, Sleep
"Mario Clone" iconMario Clone 200 Fear, Fire, Jump, Mute, Poison, Sleep
"Mallow Clone" iconMallow Clone 150 Fear, Ice, Mute, Poison, Sleep, Thunder
"Peach Clone" iconPeach Clone 120 Fear, Mute, Poison, Sleep

The clones, on the other hand, have a wider variety of resistances with the odd vulnerability thrown in - as a rule they’re resistant to Fear, Mute Poison, and Sleep, but "Bowser" iconBowser is weak to ice and Geno is weak to fire. They’re ultimately not durable enough that you should feel the need to spend FP on them, however.

Belome Rewards

The reward you’ll get for finishing this fight are highly variable, as each clone gives variable Exp, ranging from 1 (Peach) to 99 (Bowser). Belome himself will give you 80 Exp (split three ways) and will drop 40 Coins.

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