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Belome Kero Sewers Boss Battle Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

"Belome" iconBelome is the fourth boss that you will face while playing Super Mario RPG. While he’s not particularly tough once you figure out his weakness, he does have the power to incapacitate Mallow, making the fight a bit frustrating. The guide below goes over how to defeat Belome and his stats.

You will encounter Belome at the end of the Kero Sewers level.

How to Defeat Belome in the Kero Sewers

After draining the water in "Kero Sewers" iconKero Sewers, you will find the boss, Belome, at the end of your path, just past the save block. Belome is an annoying foe as he has the power to eat Mallow in the middle of battle, halving the damage you can do. Unlike the last boss, "Claymorton" iconClaymorton, there will be no other enemies joining the fight. To defeat him, you simply must keep dealing damage and ensure that Mallow stays on the field as much as possible. Before taking on this fight, try to reach level six so that you can learn Super Jump.

Belome - Attacks and Special Abilities

Belome has three special attacks, along with his basic damage-dealing attack. While he doesn’t focus heavily on damaging the party, he uses the status effects below to render you less effective.

Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Normal Attack Physical "Belome" iconBelome will get close to the party, dealing damage to whomever he’s stepped in front of.
Eat Mallow Special "Belome" iconBelome will consume Mallow.
S’Crow Funk Special "Belome" iconBelome performs a spell that turns the player into a scarecrow. This move will be used when Mallow is eaten, or "Belome" iconBelome is below 300 health.
Sleep-Sauce Special Spits slime at the party, putting them to sleep.

Only Belome’s normal attack can be blocked. You can negate his S’crow Funk move by using the Trueform Pin. It can be obtained by defeating "Huhwhat" iconHuhwhat, a mimic chest found on the ground floor of Kero Sewers. In addition, you can also use the Wake-up Pin to keep Mallow from falling asleep.

(1 of 4) Belome will get up close and personal for his basic attack.

Belome - Stats and Weaknesses

Belome is weaker to special attacks in general, so beating him shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily span Mallow’s Thunderbolt move to deal damage to him. Below is how much health Belome has, along with his weaknesses and what he’s resistant to.

HP Weaknesses Resistances
500 Special Attacks Sleep

Belome will generally start the battle with his normal attacks. After three turns, he will comment that he is hungry and eat Mallow. At this point, he will attempt to turn Mario into a scarecrow. This isn’t a huge deal, as you can still use special moves against Mallow, and Jump is pretty effective. If Mallow is eaten, then you only have to use one special attack or two normal attacks to free him from Belome.

Belome is weak against special attacks.

Mallow does love to use Sleep Sauce quite often. For this reason, we do encourage using the Wake-Up pin, as it’s more valuable in the fight. The one huge downside to this is that you can’t use items as a scarecrow, so keeping an eye on your health becomes even more important. You should note that if Mallow has a status effect, he won’t be eaten. Overall, your target here is to quickly remove Mallow from Belome’s stomach. As long as you bring in some Mushrooms to keep your health up, you shouldn’t find yourself losing against Belome.

Belome - Rewards

You don’t get any items for defeating Belome, but you will receive 30 experiences and 40 coins. Brace yourself as you will enter one of Super Mario RPG’s first mini-games after you finish this fight.

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