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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Czar Dragon Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Czar Dragon is the boss of "Barrel Volcano" iconBarrel Volcano and can be a bit annoying to deal with. He likes to counterattack and has two forms that you will need to destroy to defeat him. On top of this. The fight can be a bit hard for players at first as Czar Dragon changes his weakness when he turns into his second form, Zombone. The guide below goes over where to find Czar Dragon and how to defeat him and his Zombone form.

Czar Dragon will appear at the end of Barrel Volcano.

Where to Find Czar Dragon

Czar Dragon is the boss you will face at the end of Barrel Volcano. You will find him a bit after you visit Toad Fabbro’s shop, so be sure to rest, stock up on items, and save. There will be a bridge that you must hop across, and at the end of it, you will find a pool of lava where Czar Dragon will appear. Be careful on this bridge as it’s easy to fall off, and Lava Babbles will block your path forward. This enemy can inflict Fear, so the Fearless Pin found in Seaside Town is a great choice to bring into battle. The Safety Pin can also help you reduce the damage that Czar Dragon deals to Mallow, as he will be constantly attacking the enemy.

How to Beat Czar Dragon

Czard Dragon is a pretty easy fight at first as his first form only has 1,400 HP and is weak to Ice and resistant to Fire/ Bring Mallow in your party and use Snowy to start cutting down on his health. The only attack that you really need to worry about is Flame Wall, as you can’t block it. You can keep Peach in your party and use Group Hug to fix up the group and remove Fear when Iron Maiden is used. He also summons four Helio enemies, each with 10 HP, that you will want to take out as soon as possible. If you don’t, they will attack a party member, dealing significant damage.

Czar Dragon will also attack after each time you do, so be sure to keep a close watch on your health, as he will go after the party member who attacked him last with a bite or use a party-wide special to chip away at your health. Luckily, Helios are also weak to Ice, so Snowy should take them right out. For this stage, just focus on chipping away at Czar Dragon’s health until he falls into the lava and take out any Helios on the field. At this point, he will be reborn as the much tougher boss, Zombone. Luckily, Zombone isn’t as vicious as his previous form and won’t counterattack after every move you make.

(1 of 3) Czar Dragon has a few unblockable attacks.

Zombone has 1,800 HP and is no longer weak to Ice. Instead, you will need to use Jump and Lighting moves on him. In addition, he is now resistant to Ice and Fire. Mario and Mallow will be your stars here, and you will want to keep Peach on your team for healing. The moves that Zombone can use change and are a bit stronger this time around. There’s nothing that can take your party members out in a single turn, though, so just keep yourself topped up by using Peach. Zombone does still have the ability to cause Fear by using his Scream attack, but this can easily be healed with Therapy. Once you have depleted Czar Dragon’s health bar, he will fall back into the pool of lava for a second time, and you will be able to proceed deeper into Barrel Volcano.

At this point, you will find the sixth star, but the Axem Rangers will appear to take it. You must chase them through the volcano to get it back. Be cautious, though, as you will need to fight them once you reach the top, giving you very little rest between the two bosses. Be sure to save before taking on the Axem Rangers to give yourself a good starting point in case something goes wrong during the fight.

Czar Dragon Stats

Boss Recommended Level HP Weakness
Czar Dragon 18 1,400 Ice
Zombone 18 1,800 Jump, Lightning

Together, both forms of Czar Dragon have 3,200 HP. Each form has its own weaknesses, making the fight a bit tricky for first-time players. Take note of the change in weaknesses between the Czar Dragon and Zombone phase of the battle, and you should do just fine.

Czar Dragon Moves

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Czar Dragon Flame Wall Special Attacks the party with a wall of fire.
Czar Dragon Iron Maiden Special Attacks a single party member can cause Fear.
Czar Dragon Water Blast Special Shoots water up from under the party.
Zombone Blast Special Causes explosions around a single party member.
Zombone Boulder Special Rains boulders down onto the party.
Zombone Scream Special Screams at a single party member and has a chance of causing Fear.
Zombone Storm Special Drops a storm onto a single party member.

Most of Czar Dragon’s attacks can inflict the Fear status, Iron Maiden for Czar Dragon, and Scream for Zombone. Czar Dragon also likes to counterattack, usually with a bite every time you hit him. Fear halves the attack damage. Be sure to use the Fearless Pin and Peach to lessen this effect, and you should just have to worry about topping up your party’s health for most of the battle.

Czar Dragon Rewards

Czar Dragon gives out 63 experience when he is defeated and gives you no coins. Like most bosses, you won’t get an item or any interesting rewards. Be careful, as you will go to fight the game’s next boss, the Axem Rangers, shortly after you finish up with Zombone.

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