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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Cloacker, Domino, and Mad Adder Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Once you are inside Weapon World, you will run into quite a few miniboss fights, one of which is with Cloaker and Domino. This duo isn’t powerful but does have a second stage that can catch players off guard. Which boss you fight in the end also depends on which member of the duo you defeat first. The guide below goes over where to find Cloak and Domino, along with how to defeat Bad Adder and Mad Adder.

Cloaker and Domino are a miniboss duo in Weapon World.

Where to Find Cloaker and Domino

Cloaker and Domino are the second pair of minibosses that you will encounter in Weapon World. They are found around halfway through the weapon, right before you get to the weapon factory. This is a two-phase battle that changes depending on who you defeat first.

How to Defeat Cloaker, Domino, and Mad/Bad Adder

Cloaker and Domino will attack you together. Cloaker has 1,200 HP, while Domino only has 900 HP. After one of these enemies is defeated, the other one will summon a snake to fuse with. If Cloaker is left on the field, then he will fuse to create Bad Adder. Bad Adder has more health at 2,500 HP and a different move set than Mad Adder. Domino combined to create Bad Adder, which only has 1,500 HP but a ton of magic-based moves. It’s really up to you whether you want to take on Mad Adder or Bad Adder, but due to Mad Adder’s lower health, many players will choose to defeat Cloaker first.

(1 of 3) Domino has the least amount of health, but can inflict Fear on your team.

Once Mad Adder or Bad Adder appears on the field, focus on defeating the enemy who is riding them. Afterward, you can hit the Adder with everything you have to take them out quickly. This is a relatively easy fight, and just about any character can help you make it out with ease. We do recommend switching Peach in for occasional healing, especially since Bad Adder can poison your party. Once the battles are over, the snake will slink down, letting you know he’s defeated.

Cloaker, Domino, and Mad/Bad Adder Stats

Boss Recommended Level HP Weakness
Cloaker 20 1,200 None
Domino 20 900 None
Mad Adder 20 1,500 None
Bad Adder 20 2,500 None

While none of these bosses have any weaknesses, their HP isn’t impressive. Even Bad Adder only has 2,500 HP, which can be worked through rather quickly at this point in the game.

Cloaker, Domino, and Mad/Bad Adder Moves

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Domino Blizzard Special Brings an unblockable blizzard onto the field to attack the whole party.
Domino Endobubble Special Places a black bubble around a party member and can cause Fear.
Domino Flame Stone Special Drops a flaming rock onto a single party member.
Domino Lightning Orb Special Drops a ball of lighting on one party member.
Bad Adder Carni-Kiss Physical Bad Adder attacks a single member of the party.
Bad Adder Poison Special Bad Adder shoots a dart at a single member of the party, which can cause Poison.
Mad Adder Boulder Special Drops boulders onto the party.
Mad Adder Sand Storm Special Summons a sand storm to attack the party and can cause Fear.
Mad Adder Storm Special Summons a storm onto one party member.
Mad Adder Water Blast Special Summons water to blast up from under your party.

Cloaker has nothing but a standard attack to hit you with, and it can be easily blocked. This won’t change when he fuses with the snake to make Bad Adder either. You should note that many of Mad Adder’s moves can’t be blocked, with the exception of Storm, so have Peach healing you regularly.

Cloaker, Domino, and Mad/Bad Rewards

The rewards for this battle could be better. For defeating either version of the boss, you only get 40 experience and no coins. This could be due to you being near the end of the game, but it’s still meager. Before you go ahead, get prepared, as you will soon be going through a series of battles in the Weapon Factory.

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