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Super Mario RPG (2023)

All Post-Game Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

Once you finish Super Mario RPG, that’s not where it ends. New to the remake, you’ll be able to save your game and create Clear Data. When you reload your save, you’ll be in "Mario's Pad" iconMario’s Pad. Jump out of the bed, and Toad will give you a Star Voucher, which can be used in "Marrymore" iconMarrymore. Eventually, this allows you to fight multiple boss rematches with all new mechanics, and these are difficult, to say the least. Aside from that, each boss will drop a new piece of equipment, and you’ll unlock features in your menu that tell you what monsters you have missed in the Monster List, a sound player, and a play report that details how many hidden treasures you still have left to find. Furthermore, there’s a small matter of the Super Boss that you will have to defeat to get a new seventh star, so there is plenty to do even after you finish the game. Read on to find out how to start the post-game, where to find the boss rematches, and how you can start the super boss.

Once you’ve finished the game, you can have a rematch against some bosses. These are extremely tough battles.

How to Start Post-Game

Before you can attempt the new boss fights, you’ll need to do a little preparation first. Load up your CLEAR data, and you’ll be in the bed back at Mario’s Pad. It appears that he’s been dreaming about defeating the last boss, according to Toad. When you’re done resting, jump out of bed, and Toad will talk to you before giving you the Star Voucher. This voucher allows you to sleep in the best Inn in Marrytown for free, so head over there now, talk to the toad behind the counter, and give it the voucher. Follow it upstairs, hit the light, and rest again. This will give you a short scene with Geno, and then you’ll wake up again in the morning. When you get out of bed, Geno will mention some light in Star Hill.

Star Hill

Open your map, and head over to Star Hill. Geno will talk to you briefly, telling you to check the place out. You’ll need to activate the star lamps again to traverse to the second area, but when you do, you’ll see purple “wishes” that weren’t here before. Each star gives you a hint as to what bosses you can fight. After Geno talks to you about the stars, saying how they weren’t here before, you can start to do the bosses.

(1 of 2) Extra Fancy Bundt will fire a beam that will deal 9999 damage to the entire party. Make sure those candles don’t all light up.

Extra Fancy Bundt will fire a beam that will deal 9999 damage to the entire party. Make sure those candles don’t all light up. (left), Leveled-Up Punchinello is impervious to all damage unless it comes from its own bombs. (right)

Post-Game Boss Rematch List

Head to each of these areas to the spot where you originally fought the boss, and you’ll find their rematch will be there, but this time with one-shot, and party-wide attacks. A lot of these fights have special conditions for you to defeat them. Anyhow, here are all the bosses that you can fight post-game.

Boss Location Reward
Extra-Fancy Bundt & Extra-Fancy Raspberry "Marrymore" iconMarrymore - "Marrymore" iconMarrymore Castle Enduring Brooch
Leveled-Up Punchinello Moleville Wonder Chomp
Engine 023 Booster Booster Tower - Top of Booster Tower Stella 023
Duel-Ready Johnny Sunken Ship - Pirate Base Extra-Shiny Stone (Needed for Culex)
Scratchy-Throat Belome "Land's End" iconLand’s End - "Belome Temple" iconBelome Temple Sage Stick
Mario-Style Jinx Monstro Town - Dojo Teamwork Band

Super Boss Culex 3D Location

Once you’ve obtained the Extra-Shiny Stone from "Johnny" iconJohnny, and defeated all the other bosses, head over to Monstro Town. Do you remember that ominous sealed door there? Well, this is the entrance to Culex. This boss battle is extremely difficult, and has been totally remade for the remake, which includes a fantastic new soundtrack for it. Note, you must have defeated Culex in the main game first before you can attempt this.

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Super Mario RPG is a wonderful and whimsical remake of the 1996 classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. You’ll need to assemble a group of heroes (starting with Mario of course!) to embark on a quest to repair the wish-granting Star Road! Along the way you’ll encounter enemies from the Smithy Gang, and you’ll unlock access to a whole cast of nostalgic playable characters, from Princess Peach to Geno the puppet to the adorable Mallow.

This guide includes everything you need to make your way through the Super Mario RPG remake. Whilst this game is a faithful remake of the original, the game developers, ArtePiazza, have also included some fun post-game match-ups for those who are looking for an extra challenge and a departure from the OG game! We’ve got walkthroughs for the following:

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