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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Booster Rematch Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

The Booster rematch is one of the most difficult boss fights in the game. Booster fights you along with three Snifsters, and he has a move that can take the entire on-field party out in one turn. While the battle can seem impossible, there is a strategy for cutting down the "Snifster" iconSnifsters’ high health and getting Booster on his own. The guide below goes over where to find the Booster rematch, how to defeat the Snifsters quickly, and how to defeat Booster.

You will find Booster at the top of Booster Tower.

Where to Find The Booster Rematch

The Booster rematch is part of the post-game content. Once you have stayed in the "Marrymore" iconMarrymore Inn, you will be able to speak with the Frog Sage. Once this is done, the boss rematches will appear, including Booster. He can be found at the top of Booster Tower. Use the map to fast travel to the top. When you are ready to fight, approach him and confirm that you want to have a rematch.

Best Party for Engine 023 Booster and Strong Snifsters Rematch

Icon Member
Mario_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Mario
Geno_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Geno
Peach_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Peach

While Mario is non-negotiable, the other two members of your party can be swapped around. For the first part of the fight, we highly recommend bringing in Geno and Peach. Geno is needed for his Geno Whirl move as it can one-shot the powerful Snifsters, and Peach can Mute them, helping your party to take less damage. After you defeat the Snifsterss, we do advise switching to Mallow, as he can use Snowy, which Booster is weak against, to finish the boss battle with ease.

Best Equipment to Fight Booster and Strong Snifsters Rematch


Equipment Name
Weapon Lazy Shell
Armor Hero Shirt (Super Suit if you have it)
Accessory Trueform Pin (Attack Scarf if you have it)


Equipment Name
Weapon Star Gun
Armor Star Cape
Accessory Feather


Equipment Name
Weapon Frying Pan
Armor Royal Dress
Accessory Quart Charm

This is based on going into the Booster rematch with Mario, Geno, and Peach. While you will want to make sure their most powerful equipment is ready to go, the most important change is to Geno’s accessory. You will need to put the Feather on him to ensure that he gets the speed boost he needs to take down the Snifsters quickly.

How to Defeat Booster and The Strong Snifsters Rematch

Recommended Level HP Weakness
30 (24 minimum) Booster: 2,200, Strong Snifster: 3,800 Booster: Ice, Strong Snifster: Jump

This fight is incredibly difficult at first, and you will likely get quite a few game-overs before getting down the perfect rhythm. The fight pits you against four enemies in total, Booster, and three Strong Snifsters. Booster only has a single attack, but it will wipe your on-field party. The key to the battle is to keep him from using this ability by interrupting his concentration. This can be done by hitting him with a normal attack directly. or using multi-hit special attacks like Geno Beam. Each round, one of the Snifsters will use Morale Support. This move sets Geno up to start working on his train quickly.

When you see the words “Booster it seems to be up to something…” interrupt his concentration on your next turn, or he will use Loco Express 023 on your entire on-field party. While you are keeping Booster under control, the other two Snifsters will be focused on attacking you with a multitude of attacks, like Bolt, Gunk Ball, and Blizzard. These are common attacks that you’ve already seen in the game, and with a bit of healing from Peach, you can easily work your way around the damage you receive.

The key to this battle is to use Geno Whirl while executing its action command to hit a Snifster for 9,999 damage. You will need to do this three times to wipe them all out. To help negate some of the damage the Snifsters deal out, use Peach’s Mute to cut back on the special attacks they can use. Mute won’t stop them from using Morale Support though, so you will still need to break Boosters Concentration. Here is a quick rundown of how the fight should go.

  • Your priority is breaking Booster’s concentration.
  • Once you are safe, use Geno Whirl and execute an action command to wipe out the Snifsters one by one.
  • Use Peach’s mute to help control the amount of damage the Snifsters can deal.
  • Once you only have Booster left on the field, switch Geno for Mallow to use Snowy.

Once Booster is alone, switch Geno out for Mallow. Booster is weak against Ice moves, so using Snowy will make quick work of him. Booster will still attempt to complete his train when he’s on his own, but you can simply attack him to stop this process. Below is a quick look at all the moves you will face in the battle. Along with these, the Snifsters have a basic move where they shoot a bullet bill at a single party member. All but one comes from the Snifsters, and for the most part, these are basic moves that you have encountered before.

(1 of 3) Your priority is keeping Boosters concentration broken.


This summons a single bolt of lightning onto the field, damaging a single party member.

Gunk Ball

Shoots out a slow-moving ball of gunk. This has the chance to Mute the party member it hits.


A snowy blizzard descends onto the field, damaging the entire party.

Morale Support

Boosts the speed at which Booster can complete the Loco Express 023.

Loco Express 023

Booster rides a train into the on-field party members. This move will wipe out the entire on-field party and can’t be blocked.

Booster and Strong Snifsters Rematch Reward

Defeating Booster is challenging at first, but using Geno Whirl will make the process much easier. The Snifsters are honestly the real bosses of the fight, and once they are dealt with, dealing with Booster is rather easy. For your trouble, you will get Geno’s ultimate weapon, the Stella 023.

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