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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Gunyolk and Factory Chief Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Gunyolk and the Factory Director are the last minibosses in Super Mario RPG. This is a duo that can inflict status ailments easily. On top of this, Gunyolk features a powerful move called Breaker Beam that he will deploy every two turns. The guide below goes over where to find Gunyolk and the Factory Director and how to defeat the pair.

The Factory Chief and Gunyolk will stand between Mario and the final battle with Smithy.

Where to Find Gunyolk and The Factory Director

At the end of the Weapon Factory, you will encounter the final miniboss of the game. This is a pair of enemies called Gunyolk and the Factory Director. This is a pretty simple boss battle and a good place to build up your special before going into the Smithy fight.

How to Beat Gunyolk and The Factory Director

Gunyolk and the Factory Director are a duo that will attack your party. Both of these enemies are weak to Ice and Lightning attacks, so bringing Mallow into battle is a must. You will want to focus on the Factory Director first as he has the move Funguspike, which can cause Mushroom and Thornet, which can inflict Poison. Gunyolk also has a rather annoying move in Echofinder, which can cause Mute. If you find yourself hit with any status ailments, switch in Peach to perform Therapy or Group Hug.

The factory director is annoying while on the field; he only has 1,000 HP and can be taken down in a few turns. Once he’s dealt with, turn your attention to Gunyolk. Gunyolk features more powerful attacks but only has 1,500 HP. By using Mallow to attack him, you can quickly whittle him down, especially if you were already using Snowy on the Factory Director as it hits both enemies. You will also want to be cautious as Gunyolk uses Breaker Beam every two turns. This is a powerful attack that hits your whole party, so make sure to switch Peach off the field so that she can easily come in on the next turn to heal your party.

(1 of 2) Take the Factory Chief down first as both of his moves cause status ailments.

Take the Factory Chief down first as both of his moves cause status ailments. (left), Be careful of Gunyolk, he will use the powerful Breaker Beam every two turns. (right)

All in all, as long as you keep healed and acknowledge when the Breaker Beam is used, this isn’t a difficult fight. Just keep using Lighting and Ice-type moves on both bosses, and you will be out of the battle quickly. The next area contains the game’s final boss, Smithy, so make sure you take care of any final preparations before entering the last area.

Gunyolk and The Factory Director Stats

Boss Recommended Level HP Weakness
Factory Director 21 1,000 Ice, Lighting
Gunyolk 21 1,500 Ice, Lighting

Together, both bosses have 2,500 HP, but using moves like Snowy can help whittle both health bars down at once. Neither enemy is particularly challenging, especially since they are the only duo in the Weapon Factory to have a weakness.

Gunyolk and The Factory Director Moves

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Factory Director Funguspike Special Sends a spike at a single party member with a chance of turning them into a Mushroom.
Factory Director Thornet Special Throws a spike at a single party member with a chance of inflicting Poison.
Gunyolk Breaker Beam Special Fires a powerful beam at all enemies on the field.
Gunyolk Echofinder Special Targets a single party member with a chance of causing Mute.
Gunyolk Electroshock Special Summons lighting to strike one party member.
Gunyolk Fire Saber Special Sends out a beam at a single party member.

The moves you should be most worried about are the Factory Director’s as they both cause status ailments. Gunyolk’s Breaker Beam is also a problem, but as long as you heal after each hit, your party should do fine in the battle.

Gunyolk and The Factory Director Rewards

This fight, once again, doesn’t come with any rewards outside of some experience. You will get 80 experience for defeating the Factory Director and 100 experience for defeating Gunyolk. The next battle in the game is against the last boss, Smithy, so be sure to get your party in good standing before moving forward.

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