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Super Mario RPG (2023)

All Peach Special Attacks in Super Mario RPG

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on all of Peach’s Special Attacks in the Super Mario RPG remake. It’ll give you everything you need to know about every special attack, including their power, FP, effects & more!

Peach is quite the support character in Super Mario RPG but she also has a few tricks up her sleeve!

List of All Peach’s Special Attacks

Unlike Mario, Peach has a lot more variety in her special attacks, as seen below. However, the majority of her special attacks are limited to healing and utility.

Special Attack Level Unlock Power Effects FP Cost
Therapy Default 40 Heal and cure the status of one team member. Press “A” Joy-Con-ButtonA at the right time to heal to full 2 FP
Group Hug Default 30 Heal and cure the statuses of all team members 4 FP
Sleepy Time Lv. 11 - A chance to inflict sleep on all enemies. If you spin your left joystick fast enough to fill the bar, you’ll put all the enemies to sleep successfully. 4 FP
Come Back Lv. 13 - Revive a fallen team member and if you hit “A” Joy-Con-ButtonA at the perfect time it’ll also heal them to full. 2 FP
Mute Lv. 15 - Inflict Silence on one enemy. If you spin the left joystick fast enough you’ll silence all enemies! 3 FP
Psych Bomb Lv. 18 60 Damage all enemies by pressing “A” Joy-Con-ButtonA repeatedly until the wheel fills. 15 FP

Therapy and Group Hug

When you first get Peach in your group, you’ll have both Therapy and Group Heal. Both do similar things except Therapy is used for one target and is therefore cheaper to cast whilst Group Hug will heal all allies. It’s pretty straightforward to manage Therapy and Group Hug, if the enemy has a lot of AoE attacks then consider using Group Hug more often.

Therapy and Group Hug will heal your allies - time it right and you’ll heal them to full.

Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time is one of Peach’s utility attacks. When you rotate the left stick fast enough to fill the bar you can successfully Sleep all enemies. If you miss though, you’ll still have a chance to inflict sleep for a few turns. While sleeping, the enemy is completely immobile, but a Physical attack will wake them from their slumber. You can, however, use Magical Attacks and it won’t wake the sleeping target.

If you fill the wheel in time, Sleep is always guaranteed to hit!

Come Back

Come Back is basically the Special Attack version of the Pick Me Up item. It can revive a fallen ally and if you hit the “A” Joy-Con-ButtonA button at the right time you’ll also heal them to full! You can, naturally, only use this ability when an ally is down, so don’t worry about accidentally picking it as it’ll be greyed out till it’s useful!


Mute is another of Peach’s utility attacks and can be used to inflict the Silence Status on an enemy. If you rotate the left stick fast enough to fill the wheel, you’ll Silence all enemies! Silence means that they cannot use Magic attacks. This is useful if you know that a particular enemy has an unblockable magic attack that might do a lot of damage to your team.

Psych Bomb

Psych Bomb is just a good old-fashioned bomb! Press “A” Joy-Con-ButtonA button repeatedly to fill the wheel as much as you can. It’ll damage all enemies so it can be a great finisher!


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