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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Smithy Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Smithy is the final boss of Super Mario RPG and has two forms for you to deal with. This is one of the toughest battles in the game, as there is a constant onslaught of damage that you can’t block. To get through the battle, you will need to use everyone on your team to keep your health up and deal with any weaknesses that appear when Smithy is changing forms during his second half. The guide below goes over where to find Smithy and how to defeat him once and for all.

Smithy has two phases for you to defeat before you can get the last star piece.

Where to Find Smithy

Smithy can be found at the end of the Weapon Factory and is the final boss in the game. Smithy has two different phases, and in the first, he can summon Shypers to his aid. Before going into this battle, make sure your party is ready. We highly recommend equipping items like the Safety Ring that can help take the edge off of powerful attacks.

How to Beat Smithy

The first phase of the battle takes place in a weapon production area. Here, you will fight Smithy, his Smelter, and Shypers. To start, you will want to focus on taking down the Smelter, as it will summon more Shypers. These enemies only have 400 HP each but have the ability to use the powerful attack Sword Rain, which attacks your entire party. The Smelter is weak to Lighting, so have Mallow on the field using Thunderbolt or Shocker to bring it down. Keep in mind that the Smelter can’t be hurt by fire. You will also want to quickly take care of and Shypers that pop out or use "Bowser" iconBowser’s Terrorize to negate some of their damage.

The attacks from Smithy hurt a lot, so you will need to use Therapy and Group Hug regularly to keep your party healthy. Make sure to keep Peach off the field if she isn’t healing currently to preserve her health. The only move that can be blocked from Smithy is Fire Saber, so use Geno Boost to try to raise your team’s defense. Once you defeat Smithy, the arena will drop down, and the actual fight will begin. Smithy will split into two parts: a body with 1,000 HP and a head with 8,000 HP. Both body parts can attack, and the head will change forms, with the Tank form being the most dangerous as it comes with an instant K.O. move called Magnum.

(1 of 3) Smithy will attack you with several powerful attacks.

Luckily, the tank form is susceptible to Lightning, so be sure to bring Mallow in when he changes. Mallow’s Snowy can also be used against Smithy’s Casket form, and Mario can use Ultra Fireball when Smithy turns into his Treasure Chest form. The Treasure Chest form is also resistant to Lightning attacks, and the Casket form is resistant to Lightning, Jump, and Fire attacks. The main body and Smithy’s Wizard form don’t have any weaknesses but are resistant to all move types except for physical. Like with most bosses, status effects won’t work on Smithy, so avoid all of these moves.

The Wizard form has the most moves, most of which can’t be blocked, with the exception of Dark Star. There’s no way around taking damage in this fight, so be sure to heal with items and Peach constantly. You will need her Come Back move most when the Tank form appears, as Smithy will use Magnum to K.O., one of your party members. You will want to keep a watch on Smithy’s forms and switch Mallow out when Wizard is on the field for Bowser, who is better at physical damage. Be sure also to use Geno Boost for attack buffs. When the Casket form comes up, be prepared for Smithy to remove them with Shredder.

(1 of 3) Smithy will hammer his head when changing between forms.

The strategy here is to switch out party members in response to Smithy’s current form. He will swap his form every few turns, so swap your party out to match his weaknesses or lack thereof. You can also use items like Rock Candy to deal with a large amount of damage to both the body and head at once. If you can go ahead and take out the Smithy’s Body, then you will take less damage each turn, making the fight a bit easier. If you are having a tough time, Energizers can help to boost your attack. Red Essence can make you immune to attacks for three turns, and Pick Me Ups can bring back Peach if she ends up being killed by accident. You will know the battle is over when Smithy starts to monologue about his defeat.

Smithy Stats

Boss Recommended Level HP Weakness
Smithy 22 2,000 None
Smelter 22 1,500 Lighting
Main Body 22 1,000 None
Smithy Head 22 8,000 Lighting (Tank), Ice (Casket), Fire (Treasure Chest)

There are a lot of moving parts in this battle, and they all have health bars. Be sure to worry about the Smelter first, then take care of Smithy himself. In the battle’s second phase, take out Smithy’s Body and then focus in on his head. Depending on what form he’s in, he will have different weaknesses.

Smithy Moves

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Smithy Fire Saber Special Sends out a beam to attack a single enemy.
Smithy Meteor Swarm Special Rains meteors down onto the party.
Smithy Sledge Physical Smithy attacks the party with his hammer.
Smithy Tank Magnum Special Kills a single-party member.
Smithy Casket Recover Special Recovers a set amount of health.
Smithy Casket Shredder Special. Removes the party’s buffs.
Smithy Wizard Arrow Rain Special Rains arrows down onto the party.
Smithy Wizard Boulder Special Rains boulders down onto the party.
Smithy Wizard Dark Star Special Bounces a dark star on a single party member.
Smithy Wizard Meteor Swarm Special Rains meteors onto the entire party.
Smithy Wizard Spear Rain Special Rains spears onto the party.
Smithy Wizard Sword Rain Special Rains swords down onto the party.

Smithy has a lot of powerful attacks and gains more in the second phase. Most of these attacks can’t be blocked, but luckily, he doesn’t focus on status effects giving you a slight break. Be sure to use Peach during the battle to heal your team, and use items when needed to survive the onslaught of constant damage from Smithy.

Smithy Rewards

As this is the final boss, you shouldn’t expect any rewards. For beating Smithy, you will get to see the credits roll and gain access to the post-game. Here, you can rechallenge several bosses, as well as take on the game’s final hidden boss Culex 3D.

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