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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Complete The Tadpole Song at Tadpole Pond - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Tadpole Pond is a small area that contains Frogfucius and his family of Tadpoles. In the second area of Tadpole Pond, you will find a toad who is working on music. After speaking with the Frog Kind, the area will unlock as a mini-game where you compose music by jumping on the back of tadpoles. The guide below goes over how to solve the Tadpole Pond Melody Bay mini-game.

Meeting Toadofsky at Tadpole Pond/

How to Start The Tadpole Pond Melody Bay Mini-Game

Once you arrive at Tadpole Pond, you can follow the path down to a second area. Here, you will meet a composer toad, Toadofsky, who is in a bit of a musical pickle. If you go to the front of the rectangle pond, you will learn that you can interact with the Tadpoles after you meet the Frog Sage. This is the next part of the main story, so go back to the first area of Tadpole Pond and speak with him.

Tadpole Pond Melody Solution

If you stand on the small rock closest to the entrance of the second area at Tadpole Pond, a tadpole will appear and tell you a song. This is the solution to the melody puzzle. Head to the second area and stand on the rock at the front of the pond. You can press A Joy-Con-ButtonA to start the mini-game. You will then have to jump to each tadpole as they land on the right spot. It will likely take a bit to get right as you must hop on each tadpole as they land on the correct note. If you miss even one note, then the mini-game will fail.


Place the tadpoles into this exact position to complete the melody.

The solution to the game is So, La, Mi, Re, Do, Re, Do, Re. The picture above details the correct position of the tadpoles. The first tadpole should be on the second line from the right, with the second tadpole right after that in between the second and third lines. The third tadpole should be between the first and second lines on the left. The rest of the tadpoles follow a pattern. This pattern goes to the second line to the left and then in between the second and third lines. You repeat this twice and then land on the second line from the left as your finale.

Once you are done, the composer will be thrilled with you and give you the Alto Card. This gives you access to the Juice Bar, which you will find in the first area of Tadpole Pond. Here, you can buy the Tadpole Cola and Frogleg Cola. There are two other melody games in later areas. You can complete these to unlock deeper discounts and more drinks at the Juice Bar.

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