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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Mallow - Ultimate Weapons Locations - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

If you’re a veteran of RPGs, or even if it’s your first time playing one, you get to a point in the games where you want to know what is the best equipment, especially weapons, and it’s no different with Super Mario RPG. Each member of the party has a best weapon during the main game and an “ultimate” weapon which was added with the remake in the post-game. Mallow’s best weapons are the Sonic Cymbals during the main game, and the Sage Stick as a reward in the post-game. Read on to find out exactly how to get these weapons, and make Mallow a powerhouse.

Mallow has two "best" weapons with one only obtainable during the post-game.

Sonic Cymbals Location

Location Stats
"Bowser's Keep" iconBowser’s Keep +70 Attack

The best weapon for Mallow during the main game is the Sonic Cymbals. This can be found by completing the challenges in one of the rooms during the Six-Door Challenge in "Bowser's Keep" iconBowser’s Keep. Because the rooms change for every playthrough, it’s impossible to tell you what door it will be out of the six, and what makes matters worse is once you’ve been through four of them, you’ll automatically continue with the story. Fortunately, you can go back to the area and finish the rest of them, but you may want to wait until you reach the next area before doing so, just so you don’t have to redo the whole of Bowser’s Keep again.

When you reach the large room with the six red doors which is near the beginning of the Keep, enter the door and if you are in a room filled with lava, and moving platforms, you’re in the right area as this is Action Course One which is where you’ll find the weapon after completing the challenges in front of you. Note, that there are two lava rooms with moving platforms. The one you’re looking for is the room where the platforms move up and down, not left to right. When you complete the three rooms of Action Course One, you’ll find a chest at the end with the Sonic Cymbals. If you need help getting through the challenges, read our in-depth Six-Door Challenge Guide.

(1 of 3) The first room for the Sonic Cymbals will be filled with lava where you'll need to navigate across the vertical moving platforms.

Sage Stick Location

Location Stats
"Belome Temple" iconBelome Temple (Post-Game) +80 Attack, +15 Magic Attack

The Sage Stick is the ultimate weapon for Mallow, and it can only be obtained after completing the main game. When you finish the game, load up your clear data, and you’ll wake up in Mario’s bed in "Mario's Pad" iconMario’s Pad just before the last area. Toad will give you a voucher for the inn at "Marrymore" iconMarrymore, so head there, and take a nap by using the voucher. This will give you a scene with Geno where it will suggest going to Star Hill. After doing the events in Star Hill, the post-game content will be unlocked. The Sage Stick is a reward for defeating “Scratchy-Throat” "Belome" iconBelome in a rematch, which is a lot more difficult than your previous encounter with the dog-like creature. For a full in-depth guide on how to defeat Belome, read our Scratchy-Throat Belome Rematch guide. Once Belome is defeated, you’ll get a short scene where Belome will leave behind something shiny, which just happens to be the Sage Stick.

(1 of 2) You'll find the post-game Belome in the same place, Belome Temple.

You'll find the post-game Belome in the same place, Belome Temple. (left), Defeating it will reward you with the Sage Stick. (right)

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Super Mario RPG is a wonderful and whimsical remake of the 1996 classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. You’ll need to assemble a group of heroes (starting with Mario of course!) to embark on a quest to repair the wish-granting Star Road! Along the way you’ll encounter enemies from the Smithy Gang, and you’ll unlock access to a whole cast of nostalgic playable characters, from Princess Peach to Geno the puppet to the adorable Mallow.

This guide includes everything you need to make your way through the Super Mario RPG remake. Whilst this game is a faithful remake of the original, the game developers, ArtePiazza, have also included some fun post-game match-ups for those who are looking for an extra challenge and a departure from the OG game! We’ve got walkthroughs for the following:

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