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Hidden Treasures & Secrets: Belome Temple - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

After completing the Land’s End area in Super Mario RPG, you’ll end up in Belome Temple. Unfortunately, there are only two Hidden Treasures to find here, and they can both be found in the same room which is in the area just past the large gate. The first treasure can be found on top of the first chest in the area, simply jump over to the higher ledge to the northeast, and then jump on the regular chest. However, the second treasure can be obtained by going down the stairs, walk into the corner in between the two walls, and then jump to get the treasure. For further details regarding the hidden treasures and Belome Temple, read on.

Belome Temple can be accessed from Land's End. It has two hidden treasures for you to find.

Fortune Minigame: Second Area

Head through the first area of the temple into the next area. Here, you’ll find a Shaman standing against the wall. Speak to it, and if you pay 50 Coins, you can get your fortune told. If you don’t have the required number of Coins, open the nearby chest, which just happens to have exactly 50 Coins for you! After you’ve agreed to the transaction, you’ll need to hit three tongues from the Belome statues against the wall. Now, depending on what order you hit them, you’ll get different rewards. Here is what you can get. L = Left head, C = Center head, and R = Right head. This can be repeated.

Order Reward
C > L > R Battle with three Chow enemies
C > R > L 50% chance of a battle with three Chows or a Shy Away
L > C > R 50% chance of acquiring a Yoshi Cookie, or a Recovery Mushroom
L > R > C 100% chance of acquiring a Yoshi Cookie
R > C > L 100% chance of obtaining 100 Coins
R > L > C 75% chance of obtaining 100 Coins, 25% chance of obtaining a Frog Coin

After choosing your fortune, a treasure chest will appear later on with your winnings, next to the large gate.

(1 of 2) Fortune Minigame: Hitting the heads in a specific order will give you different rewards.

Fortune Minigame: Hitting the heads in a specific order will give you different rewards. (left), Fortune Minigame: Once you've chosen your reward, open the chest in front of the gate to collect your winnings. (right)

Belome Temple Hidden Treasure 1: Fifth Area

From the Fortune room, jump on top of the blocks to reach the next area. Take the pipe down in the following area, and you’ll be in the room with the large gate. Open the chest to not only get your winning from the fortune minigame, but to also open the gate. In the next room, follow the path, and get the chest. The first hidden treasure can be found on top of this chest. Jump over to the ledge to the northeast and use its height to get on top of the chest you just opened. Now, jump straight in the air to get the first hidden treasure, which contains a Frog Coin.

(1 of 2) Hidden Treasure 1: Use the ledge to the east to jump on the chest. From there, jump in the air for treasure 1.

Hidden Treasure 1: Use the ledge to the east to jump on the chest. From there, jump in the air for treasure 1. (left), Hidden Treasure 2: At the bottom of the stairs, jump in the corner between the two walls for the second treasure. (right)

Belome Temple Hidden Treasure 2: Fifth Area

The second hidden treasure is not only in the same room, but it’s also nearby. Head down the stairs, and head north at the bottom. You’ll find the hidden treasure in the corner of the two walls. Jump up to get the treasure, which also contains a Frog Coin. That’s it, for Belome Temple, it’s not particularly a big place.


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