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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Speardovich Seaside Boss Guide - Mario RPG

Matt Chard

After finishing the Sunken Ship area in Super Mario RPG, head back to the town of Seaside where you are confronted by a group of supposed toads. They will demand you hand over the Star you just obtained. Here, you’ll get a choice, hand it over, and you’ll get a Flower Box (+5FP) later on, refuse, and you’ll get a Flower Jar (+3FP) instead. Regardless of your choice, you will still hand over the Star. When you regain control, head to the west side of town to find the group who robbed your Star of you. They will try to make a run (or swim) for it, but good ol’ Johnny Jones will stop that from happening. With nowhere to run, they will transform into a singular entity that goes by Speardovich, and a boss battle will ensue.

Speardovich is a boss you’ll encounter in the port town of Seaside.

How to Defeat Speardovich in Seaside

Most of the bosses up until this point have been relatively easy, and the same could be said for Speardovich, providing you bring the right party to deal with it. Speardovich hits hard with some attacks dealing up to 50-70 damage per turn with one particular attack dealing that on the whole party. Now add over 1300 HP to the boss, and you can see why it may be difficult for some. This is the reason for bringing along Peach for the ride, her Group Hug special is invaluable for when the group attack hits, and when it hasn’t been used, she can use Honey/Maple Syrups to top the party’s FP up as you will be getting through it rapidly. Let’s take a look at Speardovich’s attacks.

Mallow is the real MVP here though, as Shocker will deal significant damage to Speardovich every turn, and Thought Peek is invaluable to see which Speardovich is the real one when it does Mirage Attack. Finally, Mario can just use regular timed attacks, as you’ll want to save the FP for Mallow and Peach. The only other thing you need to know is when Speardovich uses Mirage Attack, it’ll create a clone (mirage) of itself which will attack you as if it were another enemy. Simply, use Mallow’s Thought Peek on one of the clones, and it will say “Can they tell I’m a fake?”. If it doesn’t say this, it is the real one. When you know the real Speardovich, focus all your attacks on it, and it’ll soon go down.

(1 of 3) Will-O-Wisp: A single-target attack that can finish off a party member if left unhealed.

Speardovich - Attacks and Special Abilities

Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description Blockable
Pierce Physical Generic melee attack dealing approximately 20 damage. Yes
Will-O-Wisp Special Single target attack dealing approximately 40-60 damage. Yes
Flame Stone Special Single target attack dealing approximately 40-60 damage. Yes
Water Blast Special Group water attack dealing approximately 30-70 damage. No
Meteor Blast Special Group star attack dealing approximately 30-70 damage. No
Mirage Attack Special Speardovich will create a clone of itself. N/A

You can safely ignore Pierce as a threat, but both Will-O-Wisp and Water Blast deal significant damage which is why you’ll want to keep your health above 60% by healing the party with Peach. Then you have Meteor Blast which only seems to appear when it’s at low health. This will deal moderate damage to the entire party. Flame Stone and Will-O-Wisp are both single-target attacks that deal roughly the same amount of damage. Finally, for Mirage Attack, use Mallow’s Thought Peek to determine which one is the fake.

Speardovich - Stats and Weaknesses

HP Weaknesses Resistances
1338 Lightning Poison, Mute, Sleep, Fear

Speardovich has a huge health pool which makes it fairly durable, and it only has one weakness, lightning. It is resistant to all forms or statuses, although it can still take damage from Jump. Fortunately, due to its weakness to lightning, Mallow can exploit it, and deal significant damage with Shocker, dealing upwards of 150 damage per turn. By healing with Peach, and using Shocker with Mallow, Speardovich will go down in no time. If you happen to have your gauge filled up to 100%, switch Peach out for Bowser, and use the Clown Car Barrage Triple Move unless you have multiple party members downed, in that case, use Healing Rainbow.

(1 of 2) Whenever Speardovich uses Water Blast, heal up with Peach’s Group Hug.

Whenever Speardovich uses Water Blast, heal up with Peach’s Group Hug. (left), Continuously unleash the powerful Shocker spell from Mallow to make short work of Speardovich. (right)

Best Party for Speardovich

Speardovich is one of the more difficult bosses you’ve fought at this point due to the amount of damage it can put out. For this reason, we recommend the following party. For this battle, you should be at least level 11/12, ideally 13.

Icon Party Member
Mario_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Mario
Mallow_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Mallow
Peach_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Peach

Speardovich - Rewards

After humiliating Speardovich, you’ll get 40 Exp and 50 Coins for your trouble, and you’ll retake the Star Piece that was stolen. When you regain control, pick up the Shed Key on the floor, and free the villagers who are locked up in the shed in the south of town. Depending on your earlier choice, you’ll either get a Flower Box or Flower Jar after speaking to the Elder. Furthermore, the villagers will go back to their respective shops.

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