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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Drive The Minecart in Moleville Mountain

Jessica Dillon

Moleville Mountain is a minigame that appears in the Moleville region of the game. The minigame charges you with riding on a minecart that can easily run off the track. Players will first get a taste of this game when rescuing Dyna and Mite, where they will run the track for the very first time. The guide below goes over how to unlock Moleville Mountain and gives you some tips for not wrecking your minecart.

Reaching the end of Moleville Mountain’s track.

How to Unlock Moleville Mountain Minigame

The Moleville Mountain minigame will unlock as soon as you save Dyna and Mite. You can access the game by going to Moleville and jumping up the mountain at the back of the area. Once up top, you will see a mole standing next to a square hole. Speak with him. He will give you the option of paying ten coins for a fun ride or betting 30 coins. You will then need to jump into the hole and follow the path down to the minecart once inside. The whole mini-game is split into four different parts, with parts one and three being the hardest.

How to Control The Minecart in Moleville Mountain

The course places you back inside of the minecart and sends you down some curvy tracks. You have the ability to jump, speed up, change track, and brake. You will be jumping to collect coins and mushrooms along the track. Mushrooms allow you to use the accelerate function, which can help you score a faster time. Sadly, this is a bit dangerous to use. Breaking, of course, slows down your minecart, but doing so at the wrong time can cause you to run off the track. There will also be occasional holes on the track that you must hop over.

To say that this is a difficult minigame the first time you play would be an understatement. It’s incredibly easy to run off the rails. If you accelerate too close to a turn, then you will wreck. On the other hand, if you break too close to a turn, you will also end up running off the track. It’s also possible to jump your way off the track or even onto the track directly ahead of the turn. The best strategy here is to accelerate on straightaways and start breaking when you are within a few feet from the turn. For tight turns, you will need to keep breaking so that you can guide yourself around the track.

(1 of 3) Jump into the minecart when you are ready to start.

There are also two platforming segments that you will need to contend with. During the last segment, you will need to force your way up a hill. Saving mushrooms to accelerate while doing this is helpful. Be sure to use a mushroom as soon as your current boost runs out to quickly get up the hill. These are a lot easier as you only need to jump onto the platforms with the most coins and push yourself up a steep hill for the last section. You can use mushrooms to get through these segments faster, but doing so may cause you to miss a jump if you are not familiar with the cart’s timing yet. We highly recommend you do a practice round or two by paying ten coins before betting 30 coins, as it’s quite easy to lose.

Moleville Mountain Rewards

If you bet ten coins, then you will receive 50 for winning, which means beating your current time. There isn’t anything more to this minigame, so if you are confident about your skill, you can use it to wrack up coins. If you just want to beat your high score, then you can also choose to pay ten coins to run the track without winning anything.

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