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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Belome Rematch Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

Another post-game boss in Super Mario RPG is everyone’s favorite ravenous dog-like creature, "Belome" iconBelome who now apparently has a “Scratchy-Throat”. There aren’t too many differences between the two variants of Belome. It’ll still take clones of your party, but this time, you will have to defeat the clones before you can damage it as it will be guarded by a shield until you do. Other than that, it has more health and does more damage. Belome is definitely the easiest out of the post-game bosses, but you will still want to keep your guard up if you want to walk away victorious. Read on to find out the best way to defeat Scratchy-Throat Belome which includes where to find it, the best party setup, the best equipment and accessories to equip, and an in-depth boss strategy.

Scratchy-Throat Belome will use the clones it creates to give it an invulnerability shield.

Where to Find Scratchy-Throat Belome

You can find Scratchy-Throat Belome in his Temple at the end of "Land's End" iconLand’s End. Open the world map, and select Land’s End where you’ll be able to choose a couple of different locations; select "Belome Temple" iconBelome Temple to teleport to the temple’s entrance. Make your way to the end of the temple where the elevator and Shaman are, and jump up at the gold statue. If the note that flies from its mouth states that it’s past its bedtime, leave the room, and reenter until it says it’s hungry. Take the elevator down, and go into the next room where you’ll find Belome.

Best Party for Scratchy-Throat Belome

Icon Member
Mario_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Mario
Mallow_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Mallow
Peach_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Peach

As Belome isn’t too difficult, the party selection is up to you, but Peach is always useful for her healing abilities, and Mallow can exploit Belome’s weakness, Lightning. Saying that, you may want to swap "Bowser" iconBowser in now and again to cast Fear, and/or Poison as Belome is susceptible to both.

Best Equipment Against Scratchy-Throat Belome


Equipment Name
Weapon Lazy Shell
Armor Hero Shirt (Super Suit if you have it)
Accessory Wake-Up Pin (Attack Scarf if you have it)


Equipment Name
Weapon Sonic Cymbals
Armor Prince Pants
Accessory Safety Ring


Equipment Name
Weapon Frying Pan
Armor Lazy Shell (Armor)
Accessory Jinx Belt (Feather for Speed)

The only thing you really need for this battle is accessories that combat sleep as most, if not all of Belomes attacks will inflict it. Other than that, equip the best equipment you have which should be the above right now. You could equip the powerful Quartz Charm if you defeated Culex (not post-game Culex), and the Attack Scarf (Super Jump x30) if you want, but you will find your characters put to sleep often. With the above setup, your main party will all be resistant to sleep while still being able to deal good damage.

How to Defeat Scratchy-Throat Belome Rematch

Recommended Level HP Weakness
30 (25 minimum) 4,600 Lightning_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFear_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngPoison_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngMute_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Also Susceptible to all elemental magic

The hardest part of this battle is to not get overrun by the clones due to being put to sleep. Fortunately, they don’t have too much health, so you can take them out in a couple of turns at a maximum which deals with the first problem, and equipping the above equipment deals with the second. Whenever Belome “eats” one of your characters, it’ll create a clone of them to fight alongside itself while gaining an invulnerability shield. While the shield is active, Belome will take no damage until all clones are dispatched off. Each clone will have its own health pool, weaknesses, and attacks unique to the character it was cloned from. If you have more than one clone up at the time, prioritize Peach first, and then Mallow. The reason for this is the former can heal while the latter has strong elemental magic it can cast on you. After that, they’re all about the same other than Bowser having a lot of health. Let’s take a look at the Clone’s stats.

(1 of 2) Bowser’s Poison Gas is really strong against Belome, and should be reapplied throughout the battle.

Bowser’s Poison Gas is really strong against Belome, and should be reapplied throughout the battle. (left), When Belome gets a clone, it won’t take any damage until the clone is defeated thanks to the shield the clone gives it. (right)

Mario Clone

HP Weakness Resistance
400 Lightning_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Jump_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFire_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFear_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngPoison_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngMute_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngSleep_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png

Mallow Clone

HP Weakness Resistance
300 Fire_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Lightning_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngIce_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngPoison_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFear_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngMute_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngSleep_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png

Peach Clone

HP Weakness Resistance
240 Fire_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Fear_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngPoison_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngMute_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngSleep_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png

Geno Clone

HP Weakness Resistance
500 Ice_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFire_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Fear_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngPoison_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngMute_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngSleep_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png

Bowser Clone

HP Weakness Resistance
600 Ice_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png Jump_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFire_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngFear_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngPoison_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngMute_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.pngSleep_Icon_Super_Mario_RPG.png

Scratchy-Throat Belome Attack List

Now that you have the clone’s information, it’s time to see what Belome has in its arsenal. Here are all the attacks that Belome has to offer:

Eat/Clone Summon

Not the official name, but Belome will pick a party member at random, and toss them in its mouth before spitting out a clone. The clone will then proceed to protect Belome with an invulnerability shield which can only be removed by defeating the clones. Belome can have a maximum of two clones out at one time.


Aurora Flash

Aurora waves will unleash beams upon the party dealing significant damage in an area-of-effect. This has a chance to put the party to sleep.


Light Bubble

A large bubble made of light will cover the entire party before it explodes, dealing significant damage to each party member. This also has a chance to put the entire party to sleep.



This is a single-target sleep spell that will put them to sleep unless you have equipment that resists it. Fortunately, you used our recommended equipment, right?


Scratchy-Throat Belome Strategy

If you’ve prepared properly, this fight won’t cause you any problems. Start the battle using timed attacks, and cast Poison Gas on Belome with Bowser (switch him in). Whenever Belome gets a clone out, make them your priority as you will only be able to damage it once you do. Throughout the battle, cast Shocker with Mallow, timed-attacks with Mario, and then switch between Bowser, and Peach depending on if you need to reapply poison, or heal. If the clones are giving you trouble, cast mute on them, and then you’ll only have to deal with their regular attacks which are a lot easier to manage. This battle will take a while as Belome has a huge health pool of 4,600, but as long as you keep your party above 60% health, it should be a cakewalk. Finally, make sure you’re exploiting the clones’ weaknesses listed above to take them down quickly.

Scratchy-Throat Belome Reward

Once you’ve taken down Belome, you’ll fix its “Scratchy-Throat”, and then it’ll leave the area while dropping something on the floor. The party will check it out to find it’s the Sage Stick, which is Mallow’s best weapon. There you have it, Belome vanquished, Sage Stick obtained, and only a few more post-game bosses to defeat before you can challenge the game’s ultimate boss, Culex 3D, and obtain the secret ending.

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