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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Hidden Treasures & Secrets: Booster Pass - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

After your heroics at [Moleville], Mario ran across some Snifters, who were oddly keen to recover a beetle for somebody named Booster. Apparently a beetle aficionado, Booster is currently indisposed, as he’s “keeping the princess from the sky entertained”. Well, that certainly sounds like something we need to investigate! Exit Moleville via a rather nondescript area transition along the southern edge of town (right near the inn) and you’ll find that the Booster Pass area has unlocked. This page will provide a walkthrough for the Booster Pass area in Super Mario RPG, covering both your initial visit and the secret area you can open up in Booster Tower.

Booster Pass Enemies

(1 of 3) Search a plant to find a Frog Coin,

Booster Pass - First Area

This first area consists of lowland passes broken up by elevated islands. The low ground is made hazardous by a cloudborne enemy who will constantly keep that area populated with Spikesters, which may be accompanied by Carroboscis enemies, who can inflict Scarecrow. Near where you arrive you’ll find a bulb-like plant to the east - these can occasionally prove to be Artichoker enemies, but the plants east of the exit should be benign. Better yet, one should cough up a Frog Coin if you search it!

From the entrance make your way northeast through the mazelike high ground, and turn northwest when you get the opportunity. Jump up onto a lower section of high ground and note more of those bulb-like plants. Jump onto an even higher ledge to the northwest, stand on a plant, then jump up to find Hidden Treasure #1, which contains a Flower.

Return to the entrance and jump onto some rocks to the east (east of the plant where you got the Frog Coin earlier) and continue ascending to the northeast until you’re at the highest elevation. You’ll see a long path running northeast, leading to the next screen, but search the northern corner up here before you go to find Hidden Treasure #2, within which you’ll find some Rock Candy. Continue northeast to the next area.

(1 of 2) Talk to a hidden character who will offer to fill out your Monster List in exchange for Frog Coins,

Talk to a hidden character who will offer to fill out your Monster List in exchange for Frog Coins, (left), then jump behind the Monster List vendor to find a switch that will collapse all the Spikester pits. (right)

Booster Pass - Second Area

This screen isn’t as busy as the last one. On the high ground above you, you’ll find several pits filled with Spikesters, presenting a hazard en route to Booster Tower. Ignore them and circle around the high ground by heading southeast, then northeast to find an alcove cut into the rock to the northwest. Head down here and you’ll find a hidden character who offers to fill in your Monster List for three Frog Coins per entry… in case you missed something or otherwise don’t care to go back and Thought Peek every enemy with Mallow. You’ve frankly got better things to spend Frog Coins on, and if you care about filling in your Monster List, you might as well go back and Thought Peek every normal enemy with Mallow and save the Frog Coins. On the plus side, this mysterious benefactor will give you a new customer freebie by unlocking the Monster Lists for all the enemies you encountered before you recruited Mallow… all four of them. Oh well.

Do whatever you wish with this elusive sage, then jump over him to find a switch that will dispatch the Spikesters on the high ground above you. With the way forward cleared, jump up onto the high ground and advance on to Booster Tower.

(1 of 2) After opening the secret area in Booster Tower, return to Booster Pass to find an Apprentice Snifter who picks a fight.

After opening the secret area in Booster Tower, return to Booster Pass to find an Apprentice Snifter who picks a fight. (left), Defeat him and jump to the end of the are to find three chests. (right)

Secret Area in Booster Pass After Booster Tower

Return to Booster Pass after hitting the switch in Booster Tower and you’ll find that a secret area has opened up. It’s on the first screen, far to the northwest, below where you found the hidden treasure with the Flower inside. Enter the newly revealed mineshaft to find yourself in a linear area with numerous Spikey-filled pits. If you fall into one you’ll have to fight a Spikey and perhaps a Paratroopa, which is just bullying at this point in the game. Also, as you jump over the Spikey pits you’ll encounter an Apprentice Snifter, who hopes to become the group’s official Snifter #4 after defeating you. He’s not in your league and will run off once you trounce him.

After that distraction has been neutralized, keep jumping over the Spikey pits to reach a platform on the far end of the screen, where you’ll find three chests containing a Croaka Cola, a Frog Coin, and a Flower.

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