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How to Get The Best Time in Scale the Cliff - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Scale The Cliff is a minigame that unlocks while you are playing the main story of Super Mario RPG. The game is simple in design but takes quite a bit of skill to master, especially if you are trying to get a prize. The guide below goes over how to quickly climb up the Koopa shells in the Scale The Cliff minigame.

Reed Koopas will file out to give you a way to climb up the steep cliff to Sergeant Flutter.

How to Unlock Scale The Cliff

Scale The Cliff will unlock as soon as you meet Sergeant Flutter in "Land's End" iconLand’s End. From this point on, you can quickly return to the area by selecting Land’s End and then selecting to go to Tall Cliff. The game is free to play, and as soon as you enter the area, Sergeant Flutter will send out the Red Koopas to make a path for you to climb. If you manage to climb the cliff within a certain amount of time, then you can earn Frog Coins.

How to Scale The Cliff Quickly

This minigame is simple in concept. You move from Red Koopa shell to Red Koopa shell until you reach the top of the mountain. The easy way to do it is to ride the shell until it touches the next one and then step on. You can repeat this process until you are at the top, but it won’t earn you any prizes. The course is basically a way to test your platforming skills and can be a real pain to navigate for a few reasons.

The first is that time doesn’t start when you touch the first shell, but actually when you step on the cliff right below it. You also can’t jump into any shells above Mario’s head, or you will fall down. It’s also possible to jump too far out, making you miss the shell altogether. Furthermore, if you fall onto the cliff below the first red shell, you will need to jump down to the ground to restart the game. If you do miss a jump, it’s best to go ahead and restart, as you are on such a tight clock when climbing the cliff.

(1 of 3) The game starts as soon as you touch the cliff under the first Red Koopa shell.

Each time you fall down, Sergeant Flutter comes down to encourage you to start over. You will want to make your way quickly from the cliff to the first red shell. When you are on the second shell, wait for it to pass under the shell above Mario and then jump to the third shell. Repeat this same maneuver with the fourth shell before jumping from the fifth shell. From here, jump to the sixth shell as quickly as possible.

You will want to jump down to the last shell so it can begin to rise to the finish line. As it’s rising, jump up onto the cliff to reach Sergeant Flutter. When we got a time under 11:30 we were granted a Frog Coin. If you manage to scale the cliff in under eleven seconds, then you will be awarded the Trooper Pin. This seems to be the main prize of this minigame, aside from seeing just how quick your platforming can be.

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