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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Best Accessories in Super Mario RPG

Ben Chard

Super Mario RPG has an abundance of accessories that you can equip on the team, some of which are well hidden. To make matters even more complicated, many of the more elusive accessories have descriptions that are vague, leaving you to guess or experiment with them to work out just what it is they do. If you plan to take on the challenging post-game bosses, you’ll need to ensure you’re using the best equipment available and this page, which you can find below:

  • Quartz Charm: Obtained from Culex
  • Attack Scarf: Obtained from completing 30 Super Jumps
  • Teamwork Band: Obtained from Jinx in the post-game
  • Safety Ring: Found in a chest in the !Sunken Ship
  • Enduring Brooch: Obtained from Extra-Fancy "Bundt" iconBundt and Extra-Fancy "Raspberry" iconRaspberry in the post-game
  • Ghost Medal: Obtained from completing the Three Musty Fears mini-game in Monstro Town

You’ll need the best accessories if you want to take on the toughest bosses like Culex in Super Mario RPG.

Quartz Charm Location in Super Mario RPG

Name Effect
Quartz Charm Negates instant death, halves attack damage received, and increases damage output by 50%

Let’s begin with the best accessory in the game, although it is one of the tougher ones to get on this list. To obtain it, you’ll need to defeat Culex, the original game’s superboss. With the addition of the post-game bosses, that’s no longer the case, and you can defeat Culex before you take the fight to Smithy and finish the game.

To find Culex, head to Monstro Town and you’ll spot a locked door to the left of the Item Shop. Begin by heading to Moleville and purchase the Fireworks for 500 Coins from the Mole in the northwest house. Leave the house and you’ll see five crates nearby, with another Mole standing among them. Speak to her and she’ll ask you to trade her Shiny Stone for the Fireworks. Take this stone back to the sealed door in Monstro Town and it will react, letting you enter and fight Culex. This is a tough battle, so wait until you’re at least Level 20 and have some of the better weapons before challenging it. Your reward for beating Culex is the Quartz Charm.

What makes the Charm so good? Well, not only will it negate instant death and halve all damage received, but it will also boost all of your own attacks by 50%. This is a must-have for any of the post-game bosses, as it will make your life a lot easier.

Attack Scarf Location in Super Mario RPG

Name Effect
Attack Scarf Negates instant death, All stats + 30

This next accessory is arguably the best one for Mario (even if the Quartz Charm is better overall) as it’s exclusive to him. Fans of the original will know how tough this can be to obtain, and the conditions are exactly the same here, you’ll need to successfully perform 30 Super Jumps before heading off to Monstro Town.

It’s important to note that you need to be using Super Jump, not the regular Jump or Ultra Jump to achieve this feat. Then, go into any battle and begin practicing your timing for consecutive Jumps, the biggest hurdle is after around 15 Jumps when the timing becomes far stricter. There’s not much else to say about this, it will take a lot of time and patience (and if you want the Super Suit for 100 Super Jumps, consider this practice). Once you’re done with that task, head to Monstro Town and speak to "Chow" iconChow, the "K-9" iconK-9, to have him relay how many you’ve done and if you’ve done 30, the Attack Scarf will be yours.

As mentioned above, you can only equip the Attack Scarf on Mario, but it offers a boost of 30 to every stat and will prevent instant death attacks, it doesn’t get much better than that!

(1 of 2) Perform 30 Super Jumps and return to Monstro Town for the Attack Scarf

Perform 30 Super Jumps and return to Monstro Town for the Attack Scarf (left), Defeat Jinx in the post-game for the Teamwork Band. (right)

Teamwork Band Location in Super Mario RPG

Name Effect
Teamwork Band Increases the rate you generate Triple Attacks

You’ll have to wait until you get to the post-game before getting your hands on this accessory, but once you do, it’s one you’ll want to keep equipped. As such, once you start your quest against the post-game bosses, aim to challenge Jinx first, as the reward for victory against him is the Teamwork Band. If you forgot where to find him, head to Monstro Town (noticing a trend here?) and go up the stairs to the right to reach his Dojo.

The battle against Jinx is a tough one, but so long as you remember how to time your defense against most of his attacks the first time around, just remember to have protection against instant death attacks should you fail to defend against them properly. Once you finally down him, you’ll obtain the Teamwork Band as a reward.

The Teamwork Band is a unique accessory that will increase the rate at which the Action Gauge fills, making it a lot easier to use Triple Attacks more frequently. This becomes a really useful ability to have in the tougher post-game battles where being able to make the party invincible or striking the weaknesses with Clown Barrage are a necessity.

Safety Ring Location in Super Mario RPG

Name Effect
Safety Ring Prevents instant death and all ailments

The Safety Ring is arguably the first of the “endgame” accessories that you can get in Super Mario RPG, and it’s one that remains useful for the rest of the game. You’ll need to proceed through the game until you reach the Sunken Ship dungeon and head through until just before the end of the dungeon, in the seventh area where you’ll find some barrels in the corner. Hug the wall and follow it around behind them to reach a secret area containing a Chest with the Safety Ring.

When you equip the Safety Ring, not only will you be protected against attacks that inflict instant death, but you’ll also be protected against every status effect in the game. As you fight the tougher enemies in the game, status effects become more of an issue so having protection against them is a big boon.

(1 of 2) Head to the Sunken Ship and go behind these barrels

Head to the Sunken Ship and go behind these barrels (left), this leads to a hidden room with the Safety Ring. (right)

Enduring Brooch Location in Super Mario RPG

Name Effect
Enduring Brooch Prevents KO once per battle

This is yet another accessory that comes from defeating one of the post-game bosses, but it is an accessory that will prove vital against the remaining bosses, especially the second form of Culex. To obtain this accessory, you’ll need to reach the post-game and then make your way back to "Marrymore" iconMarrymore where you’ll encounter the Bundt and Raspberry Rematch. You’ll need to ensure that you don’t allow all of the candles to be lit or else face a party-wide attack that wipes you out.

Once you emerge victorious, however, you’ll obtain the Enduring Brooch. This will make it so that the first time you are defeated in battle, you’ll survive instead. This is a crucial accessory as many of the post-game bosses have attacks that are guaranteed to kill you (inflicting 9999 damage) and having this equipped will make life a little easier.

Ghost Medal Location in Super Mario RPG

Name Effect
Ghost Medal Doubles Defense and Magic Defense

The final accessory on our list is another one that can be obtained before you get to the post-game, as early as when you reach Monstro Town for the first time. Once you reach the town, go to the empty house with just a bed and rest for the night, during which you’ll be introduced to the Three Musty Fears side quest. You’ll be tasked with finding three hidden flags around the world with nothing more than a hint. You’ll find these under the bed at "Mario's Pad" iconMario’s Pad, behind the wooden sign at Rose Town, and between the “O” and “A” of Goal at !Yo’ster Isle.

It can be confusing what this accessory actually does, as the description doesn’t give you much to go on. When equipped, it will double both your Defense and Magic Defense, essentially halving all damage you would normally take. This can be a real lifesaver in those tougher battles.

(1 of 2) The Enduring Brooch is obtained by defeating the Bundt and Raspberry rematch

The Enduring Brooch is obtained by defeating the Bundt and Raspberry rematch (left), while the Ghost Medal will double your defenses. (right)

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