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Hidden Treasures & Secrets: Mushroom Kingdom - Super Mario RPG

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Mushroom Kingdom is one of the first regions of the Super Mario RPG world that you’ll encounter. The Mushroom Kingdom has everything a bustling kingdom could want: an Item shop, an Inn, Hidden Treasure and NPCs to talk to. This page will go in-depth on everything to offer in Mushroom Kingdom and we’ll also include a detailed guide on how to find the 3 Hidden Treasures. It’s also worth mentioning that there are two “phases” of the Mushroom Kingdom and we’ll cover what to expect in each!

What is there to find in Mushroom Kingdom? Keep reading to find out!

Things to Do in Mushroom Kingdom

When you first arrive in Mushroom Kingdom, there won’t be any enemies to fight so you can treat it as a kind of safe haven…for now. Before you speak with the Chancellor about Princess Peach at the Mushroom Castle, you’ll want to explore the area! There are a lot of NPCs around but none will give you anything interesting so they’re mostly there to fill out the town!

There’s an Inn where you can sleep for 3 Gold and in the same building you’ll find a Manual Save box. Look out for the building with the star sign above the door.

(1 of 2) The building with the Star is an Inn that you can stay at for 3 gold coins

The building with the Star is an Inn that you can stay at for 3 gold coins (left), the inn also has a save box to create manual saves! (right)

Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop

There’s also an Item Shop that sells various gear and items. The shop sells the following items:

Item Cost Quantity
Mushroom 4 Gold x3
Honey Syrup 10 Gold x1
Pick Me Up 5 Gold x1
Shirt 7 Gold x1
Pants 7 Gold x1
Jump Shoes 30 Gold x1
Antidote Pin 28 Gold x1

The Mushroom Kingdom has an Item Shop.

Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop Hidden Treasure #1 and #2

After you’ve done your shopping, make sure to head down into the basement of the Item Shop. In here, you’ll meet a strange NPC that’ll make you stand in front of him. When you do so, he’ll instruct you to jump up, causing Mario to jump into a chest containing a Flower. After doing so, he’ll give you a Signal Ring. When equipped, it’ll ping when you’re near a Hidden Treasure.

In fact, when you equip it in this basement, you’ll get an alert for another Hidden Treasure chest. To find this one, first wait for the NPC to stand in the bottom right corner, then jump on his head. A Hidden Chest containing a Flower will appear.

(1 of 2) Do as the NPC says and jump up to find a hidden treasure chest

Do as the NPC says and jump up to find a hidden treasure chest (left), then equip the Signal Ring he gives you and find the hidden chest near the stairs. (right)

Mushroom Castle Hidden Treasure

Now that you’ve explored all of Mushroom Kingdom, proceed into the Mushroom Castle. If you’ve got your Signal Ring equipped you’ll get told there’s a Hidden Treasure nearby. Leave it for now and head into the throne room to speak with the Toad Chancellor. He’ll then get the Vault Guard to take you down to the vault to prepare for your journey out to save Peach. In the vault, you’ll get 10 coins, a Mushroom, and a Flower.

The Vault Guard will take you down into the vaults to grab some rewards!

Once you leave the castle, you’ll be greeted by a cut scene of your newest party member - Mallow! But before you go speak with him, head back into the castle’s hallway and walk over to the door at the back. Wait for one of the Toads to make their way over and then hop onto their head to get on top of the ledge. Once up on the ledge above the door, jump up to reveal a Hidden Treasure chest, which contains a Frog Coin.


After grabbing the hidden treasure, head back out to speak with Mallow. Your next task will be to leave the Mushroom Kingdom and head over to Bandit’s Way to get his coin back from Croco! You can head to our guide on Bandit’s Way to find out all its secrets and hidden treasures.

Mushroom Kingdom - Claymorton and Shymore Takeover

When you arrive back in Mushroom Kingdom after defeating the Croco boss, you’ll be faced with an invasion of Shymore enemies! These Shymore enemies are all over the kingdom and you won’t be able to clear out all of them - they’ll keep respawning until you defeat the Claymorton boss in the Mushroom Castle (more on this below). The Shymores have 30 HP and can occasionally drop Honey Syrup items (rare drop). They have a fire ball attack but other than that they’re not too bad to deal with.

Make sure to head down to save the NPC from the Shymores opposite the Item Shop. When you defeat the Shymores, you can speak to him and return his wallet after it was stolen from Croco and he’ll give you a Flower tab as a reward.

(1 of 2) Save the NPCs from the Shymores

Save the NPCs from the Shymores (left), they're not too tanky but they do have a pretty powerful fireshot attack. (right)

In addition to the enemies, the shop will change its stock a tiny bit:

Item Cost Quantity
Mushroom 4 Gold x3
Honey Syrup 10 Gold x2
Shirt 7 Gold x1
Pants 7 Gold x1
Jump Shoes 30 Gold x1
Antidote Pin 28 Gold x1

And, until you’ve dealt with the Shymore takeover, the Vendor will cower in the corner. However, you can still purchase items by interacting with the note on the checkout counter.

Mushroom Kingdom - Claymorton Boss Fight

As mentioned above, to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the Shymores, you’ll need to head into the Mushroom Castle and face the Claymorton boss. We’ve written a comprehensive guide for how to beat Claymorton, so be sure to check that out! After defeating Claymorton, you’ll receive the first of seven stars.


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