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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Hidden Treasures & Secrets: Marrymore - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

After chasing Booster through Booster’s Tower and participating in the [Booster Hill Minigame], the deviant has made his way to Marrymore, which apparently is a town suited for forming bonds of matrimony. It’s up to us to thwart Booster’s plan, crash his wedding and rescue Princess Peach before she’s forced to marry Booster! But, you know, no rush - we’ll also seek out some hidden treasure and pick up some new gear. Not like we’re in a hurry or anything…

(1 of 2) Enter the inn, head upstairs, and jump on a bookshelf to find a hidden treasure.

Enter the inn, head upstairs, and jump on a bookshelf to find a hidden treasure. (left), After getting the hidden treasure, head downstairs and purchase new weapons. (right)

Marrymore Hidden Treasure

From the entrance, head up some stairs to the northeast, then turn northwest and go up another flight of stairs to find the inn/shop, which is the same building in this town. Convenient and economical! Ignore the shopkeepers for now, go upstairs, then go through the double doors to the northeast to reach a room, then jump on a bookshelf to the west and from this elevated perch jump again to discover a Hidden Chest, wherein you’ll find a Frog Coin.

Marrymore Shop

Now head downstairs and talk to the shopkeeper - the larger, leftmost person behind the counter

Item Cost Effect
Mid Mushroom 20 Recovers 80 HP
Maple Syrup 30 Recovers 40 FP
Super Hammer 70 Weapon for Mario
Whomp Glove 72 Weapon for Mallow
Hand Gun 75 Weapon for Geno
Fake Chomp 60 Weapon for Bowser
Happy Shirt 38 Defense +24, Mg. Defense +12. Mario only.
Happy Pants 38 Defense +24, Mg. Defense +12. Mallow only.
Happy Cape 38 Defense +12, Mg. Defense +6. Geno only.
Happy Shell 38 Defense +6, Mg. Defense +3. Bowser only.
Nurture Ring 145 Halves elemental damage. Peach only.

The new weapons are pretty obvious buys, save the Fake Chomp, which is a downgrade to the Chain Chomp you hopefully found back at Booster Tower. If you need any restoratives, buy them, as there’s a tough fight coming up. Feel free to exit Marrymore if you wish to grind (or if you care to find the secret in Booster Pass, you can do that now).

(1 of 3) Enter the wedding hall via a hidden door behind the southernmost tower.

How to Get Into the Wedding Hall

When you’re done shopping, exit the inn/shop, go back down the stairs to the southeast, then turn northeast and head up the stairs you neglected previously to approach the wedding hall. Well, rather the crowd gathered around the wedding hall. One of Booster’s Snifsters will kick out a couple named Raz and Raini and will announce the wedding hall is being barricaded. Sure enough, if you search the door a Snifster will tell you to kick rocks before mentioning a back door that’s locked. Probably.

Given the incompetence that Booster and his Snifster minions have displayed thus far, it should be no surprise that you’ve just been told the means by which you can sneak into the wedding hall. From the front doors head southeast, then turn northeast around the side of the building. You want to search behind the southern front tower, as the door is hidden along the back of said tower.

Door Crashing Minigame with Snifster

Once inside the wedding hall head southwest down some stairs to reach a kitchen, where two armored weirdos, Chef Torte and his Apprentice, are baking a cake for Booster’s Wedding. Go up some stairs to the northwest and in the next room one of the Snifsters will call you out. Jump when prompted and the Snifster will realize who you really are, then try to flee deeper into the wedding hall to warn Booster… only to have trouble with the door. He’ll ask you to help him charge through it, starting a new silly minigame where you have to run (not walk) into the door and make contact with it at the same time as the Snifster. It can take some effort to get the timing down, and you have to reach the door at nearly the same time as the Snifster - keep trying until you get through the door.

Door Crashing Minigame with Bowser

In the next room you’ll get some chatter where Booster commands his minions to seal the door, which might be the only smart thing he’s done thus far. Use a nearby save point, then investigate the locked door where you’ll end up having to repeat the previous minigame, but this time with Bowser as your companion. This one it’s actually a bit easier, as Bowser shouts twice before charging the door, letting you time it better.

(1 of 2) Talk to the Snifsters to reclaim Peach’s accessories,

Talk to the Snifsters to reclaim Peach’s accessories, (left), then jump up and snatch the crown from Booster’s troublesome brow! (right)

Princess Peach’s Accessories Minigame

Bowser and Mario don’t just get through the door - they smash through! Unfortunately, their gusto has the unintended consequence of knocking Peach back and scattering some of her belongings, which are soon scooped up by the Snifsters, much to Peach’s distress. This prompts yet another minigame where you need to recover Peach’s accessories and return them to her - the faster the better. When you’re back in control of Mario, quickly rush down the aisle and talk to all three Snifsters, then jump up on Booster’s head to retrieve Peach’s crown and talk to the distraught princess. Depending on how fast you’re able to recover these, you’ll get a kiss… but it may not be from whom you expect!

More chatter will ensue, after which you’ll find yourself in a most unusual boss battle

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