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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Jinx Rematch Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

One of the more difficult post-game bosses is Jinx, who has coined the moniker “Mario-Style Jinx”. Jinx, who is now infatuated with Mario, wants to learn what makes him so successful when working in a team and begs you to teach him the art of Triple Moves. What makes Jinx so tough is he has one-shot potential attacks, especially when you incorrectly block an attack. The idea behind this battle is to block his attack to build up the Triple Move Gauge to 100%. Reaching this feat allows you to use a Triple Move on Jinx, and when you do that, it’ll end the battle. Unfortunately, the gauge starts at 0% which means you’ll need to perfectly block most of his attacks until then. If you’re having trouble with Mario-Style Jinx, read on to find out the best equipment, the best party, and the best way to block his attacks.

Mario-Style Jinx is a post-game boss who can defeat a party member in a single attack. I hope you can time your blocks.

Where to Find Mario-Style Jinx

You will find Mario-Style Jinx in the same location where you fought him previously, at the dojo in Monstro Town. Open the world map and select Monstro Town to teleport there. In town, walk to the end, head up the stairs, and enter the door into the dojo.

Best Party for Mario-Style Jinx

Icon Member
MarioIconSuperMarioRPG.png Mario
MallowIconSuperMarioRPG.png Mallow
PeachIconSuperMarioRPG.png Peach

Mario is here because, unfortunately, you can’t replace him. Then you have Peach, who is invaluable to this battle because she can cast “Come Back” which revives your fallen party member for a measly 2 FP, and believe me, you will need it. For the last party member, choose what you like, but we like Mallow for Healing Rain. Geno is good for its Geno Boost skill, and Bowser is generally good all around.

Best Equipment For Mario-Style Jinx


Equipment Name
Weapon Lazy Shell
Armor Hero Shirt (Super Suit if you have it)
Accessory Attack Scarf


Equipment Name
Weapon Sonic Cymbals (Sage’s Stick if you beat Scratchy-Throat Belome)
Armor Prince Pants
Accessory Safety Ring


Equipment Name
Weapon Frying Pan
Armor Lazy Shell (Armor)
Accessory Jinx Belt

All of these accessories can prevent instant death providing you time the action prompt correctly, which is useful as Jinx will use attacks that can cause this effect. The rest of the equipment will be their best in spot except for the Lazy Shell Armor which gives a huge boost to defense and magic defense at the cost of attack and magic attack. Although this doesn’t technically fall under equipment, make sure you have a full supply of Pick Me Ups (six), and only use them on Peach if/when she gets downed as she is the only person who has a way to revive out of that item.

(1 of 2) Blocking Jinx's attacks is imperative. Missing a single one could result in death.

Blocking Jinx's attacks is imperative. Missing a single one could result in death. (left), If death does happen, save the Pick Me Ups for Peach, as she can revive with Come Back. (right)

How to Defeat Mario-Style Jinx

Recommended Level HP Weakness
30 (25 minimum) 4,000 JumpIconSuperMarioRPG.png

This battle shares a similar difficulty to Duel-Ready Johnny where if you are competent at timing your block with the action prompts then you won’t have a problem. However, if you struggle like this boomer does, then it may take you a few tries. The reason for this is every time you mistime a block or attack, Jinx will say, “Your timing is sloppy. You’re wide open!” which causes him to retaliate with an instant death counterattack. Fortunately, the above accessories will protect you from that, but if you’re using someone outside the main party, they most likely won’t have protection against it. Furthermore, all of Jinx’s attacks are quick which means you’ll have less than a second to react, which goes for his regular attacks which result in up to 650 damage against you should you fail the action prompt.

All of Jinx’s attacks hit like a truck and will most likely down the character he’s attacking unless you’re successful in blocking the attack. For this reason, make sure you keep Peach alive at all times, and save the Pick Me Ups for her because you only have six of them, and she is the only one who can revive outside of them. So, in short, block every attack that Jinx throws at you, failing that, revive the party member with Peach’s “Come Back” skill, or use a Pick Me Up if it’s Peach that falls. In terms of offense, use regular timed attacks as you want to build up the Triple Move gauge. Now, Mario’s jump abilities will deal more damage, but the battle won’t end until you use a Triple Move, so the damage doesn’t matter too much. Let’s take a look at Jinx’s plethora of attacks, and what they do.

Building up the Triple Move Gauge

The whole idea around this battle is to build up the gauge. The higher the chain you get, the less damage you take, and the more gauge you’ll fill up, but because of Jinx’s fast-paced attacks, this is difficult to pull off. Still, if you want a higher success chance to defeat Jinx, you’ll want to learn the button timings of the action prompts for both offense and defense. When you reach 100% gauge, use a Triple Move attack, preferably Clown Barrage, and Jinx will fall.

Mario-Style Jinx Attacks

Bombs Away

A single-target attack dealing devastating damage which will defeat the target providing you fail the action prompt.



Another single-target attack that deals substantial damage. This is quicker than Bombs Away but deals half the damage, although this will still most likely down you unless you block it.


Silver Bullet

A single-target attack that causes a mortal blow (instant death). Make sure you equip accessories that resist this. If you block this attack, it will reduce the target’s health to 1 HP.


Triple Kick

Although this attack is called a “Triple” Kick, it only appears to be one kick. Jinx will jump in the air before unleashing a devastating kick attack. This will deal less damage than his other attacks, but it still has one-hit potential, providing you fail the action prompt.


Mario-Style Jinx Reward

Once you’ve defeated this pesky rascal, he’ll thank you for teaching him the Triple Move attack, and in return offer you the reward of the Teamwork Band which makes it easier to perform Triple Moves. If only he’d given it to us before the battle, oh well.

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