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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Clerk, Manager, and Director Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Once you reach the Weapon Factory, you will encounter a miniboss rush where you must fight three very similar enemies. Each of these enemies is similar, with a small move change and stat boost to make them a bit more difficult. They also surround themselves with smaller enemies and can summon more if those are destroyed. The guide below goes over how to get to the Weapon Factory and how to beat the Clerk, Manager, and Director.

The trio of battles starts off with the Clerk and Mad Mallets.

How to Get to The Weapon Factory

The Weapon Factory is the last sector of Weapon World before you challenge Smithy. Once you get there, you will do several back-to-back battles, three of which take on similar enemies. The guide below goes over how to beat the Clerk, Manager, and Director.

How to Beat The Clerk, Manager, and Director

The first of the three minibosses you will fight is the Clerk. Before he takes you on, though, you will need to beat four Mad Mallets. They each only have 200 HP, so taking them out can be done in a single turn. Once they are mopped up, the Clerk, along with two other Mad Mallets, will confront you. Ignore the Mad Mallet and go after the Clerk. Even if you wipe them out, he will just summon more. He can use Valor Up and Vigor Up to buff his stats and doesn’t have any weaknesses still, an all-out attack will get rid of him in a couple of rounds. After this is done, Toad will appear to sell your party some items before you go to the last parts of the Weapon Factory.

In the next room, you will fight the Manager and his three Pounders. The Pounders are a bit tougher than the Mad Mallets, so use Bower’s Terrorize to help hold them off. Additionally, you could go ahead and take all but one out to mitigate damage and keep the Manager from summoning more. The Manager himself uses the same moves, but Poison has been swapped for Spritz Bomb. He only has 800 HP, so go ahead and start targeting him to take him down quickly.

(1 of 3) The Clerk is the weakest of the trio and comes with two Mad Mallets.

The final of the three duplicate bosses is the Director. The Director comes with four Poundettes, each with 150 HP. This is like the last two fights, but the Director hits a little harder and has 1,000 HP. The Poundettes are a little more annoying as they can use Fear Hammer and inflict Fear. If this happens, use Peach to heal your party. Follow the same strategy as the last two fights to defeat him.

Clerk, Manager, and Director Stats

Boss Recommended Level HP Weakness
Clerk 21 500 None
Manager 21 800 None
Director 21 1,000 None

With each fight, the stats of the main enemy slightly increase. Even when you get to the Director, though, there isn’t a massive increase in health. For the most part, these three enemies can be taken out rather quickly.

Clerk, Manager, and Director Moves

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Clerk, Manager, Director Valor Up Special Increases magic and physical defense by 50%.
Clerk, Manager, Director Vigor Up Special Increases magic and physical attack by 50%.
Clerk, Manager, Director Bomb Toss Special Drops a Bomb on a single player,
Clerk Poison Special Throws a dart at a party member that can inflict Poison.
Manager, Director Spritz Bomb Special Drops a flurry of bombs on a single party member.

Most of the moves that these three minibosses use are shared with just a few slight differences. For the most part, though, you are fighting the same enemy with slight improvements over and over again.

Clerk, Manager, and Director Rewards

There isn’t a lot that you will get from defeating these three bosses other than some experience. The Clerk will give you 50 experience, the Manager will give you 60 experience, and the Director will give you 70 experience. None of these three enemies will give you any coins for defeating them.

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