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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Megasmilax Bean Valley Boss Battle Guide - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

Near the end of "Bean Valley" iconBean Valley, you’ll find a "Beezo" iconBeezo enemy watering some "Chewy" iconChewy enemies. At first, this is little more than a nuisance, but as you continue on, one of this flying menace’s pet plants will prove to be a palpable pain! Go up to the lone enemy being watered by a Beezo and jump into it to start a fight - what starts as a pretty simple battle against a Smilax will eventually balloon into a battle with a Megasmilax. This page will provide hints and tips for defeating the Megasmilax in Super Mario RPG.

(1 of 2) The Smilax enemies you'll face are weak - fragile enough to be defeated in a single attack, in some cases!

The Smilax enemies you'll face are weak - fragile enough to be defeated in a single attack, in some cases! (left), Every time you mow them down, however, a Beezo will appear and rejuvenate them. (right)

How to Defeat Megasmilax in Bean Valley

The fight with Megasmilax begins with you pruning a single Smilax, which on its own isn’t a threat. Chop away its 200 HP and the Beezo will appear and water the plant back to health, causing it to sprout 2x, then 3x Smilax heads. What is in that water pail?! After defeating the third group of Smilax enemies, the Beezo will appear again and water the plant, finally setting up the boss fight with 2x Smilax enemies and Megasmilax.

(1 of 4) Smilax enemies can prove to be a nuisance with their Pollen Nap ability, putting targets to sleep.

Megasmilax - Attacks and Special Abilities

The Smilax plants don’t differ a whole lot from Chewy enemies you could find earlier, having a bit attack, a ranged fireball attack, and a debuff. None of these deal much damage, and with 200 HP they should die in a single hit or two - disposing of them should be little more than busywork.

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Smilax Bite Physical Deals light damage to a single target.
Smilax Hot Shot Special Shoots a fireball at a target, dealing light damage.
Smilax Pollen Nap Special Spews sleeping pollen at a target, inflicting sleep.
Megasmilax Mega Bite Physical Deals heavy damage to a single target.
Megasmilax Hot Shot Special Shoots a fireball at a target, dealing light damage.
Megasmilax Fire Wall Special Shoots a fan of flames at the party, dealing light damage to the party.
Megasmilax Scarecrow Dust Special Turns a target into a Scarecrow.
Megasmilax Petal Blast Special Conjures up a petal storm that deals moderate damage to all party members and turns them into Mushrooms!

The fight doesn’t really begin in earnest until Megasmilax appears, and while the Smilax enemies can tickle you with their attacks and annoy you by inflicting Sleep via “Pollen Nap”, Megasmilax deals much more damage and can inflict more debuffs. Its own “Bite” and “Hot Shot” attacks deal more damage, and while its “Fire Wall” attack is surprisingly weak, its signature attack “Petal Blast” is both painful and can inflict the heretofore rare Mushroom debuff on the entire party. When you’re afflicted with Mushroom, you can’t take any actions, but on the plus side, you’ll heal a small amount every turn. Megasmilax can also use “Scarecrow Dust” to, as the name implies, inflict Scarecrow. These debuffs will wear off over time, but if you’re not protected against them - especially Mushroom - you’ll waste a lot of turns doing nothing. The Trueform Pin and Safety Badge will both come in handy here.

Megasmilax - Stats and Weaknesses

Both the Smilax and Megasmilax enemies are vulnerable to ice damage, which Mallow can take advantage of with his Snowy ability. Otherwise, they all have the usual status resistances shared by many bosses - Fear, Mute, Poison, and Sleep. Aside from Mallow, you won’t be fussing over vulnerabilities much in this fight. That said, Megasmilax has a mere 1,000 HP, which is fairly paltry for this point in the game.

Enemy HP Weaknesses Resistances
Smilax 200 Ice Fear, Mute, Poison, Sleep
Megamilax 1000 Ice Fear, Mute, Poison, Sleep

After defeating Megasmilax, the Beezo that was tending to these plants will fly away, dropping a Seed as he goes. Be sure to grab it.

Megasmilax Rewards

Defeating Megasmilax and its Smilax buds will earn you 40 Exp, but zero coins! The Beezo that was perpetuating this plant will pout before mentioning one “Queen Valentina”. Apparently blocking this pipe with the Megasmilax was this queen’s bid to isolate Nimbus Land… The Beezo then decides to run away, but he leaves behind a letter - give it a read and you’ll get a Seed, which will prove incredibly useful later on.

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