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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Score Coins in The Midas River Minigame

Jessica Dillon

"Midas River" iconMidas River is the first minigame that you will unlock while playing Super Mario RPG. It sends Mario down a fast-moving waterfall and then forces him to navigate the river at the bottom while riding a barrel. This game can be difficult to manage at first, especially since the caves during the first part and the fish during the second part can cause you to lose coins. The guide below goes over how to get a high score while playing the Midas River minigame.

You can earn Frog Coins by completing the Midas River mini game.

How to Unlock The Midas River Minigame

Midas River will unlock as soon as you defeat "Belome" iconBelome in the Kero Kero Sewer. A cutscene will play after the fight where Mario and Mallow are swept away in a current. This leads Mario to start swimming down a waterfall, where he can collect coins. At the end of the waterfall, the mini-game transforms into a barrel-jumping mini-game with a bit more of a challenge. Once you get to the end, you will meet a Toad who will let you rechallenge the course at any time for 30 coins. You won’t keep any of the coins you gain while playing this minigame, so keep in mind that this will cause a loss.

How To Gather Coins While Navigating The Midas River

The first section of Midas River has Mario sailing down a waterfall. You can move side to side and swim up by pressing A Joy-Con-ButtonA. You can press A a total of three times to gain a slight bit of height before descending further, and this can be done back to back to give yourself enough time to move to the next coin. There are both standard coins and Frog Coins on the course for you to gather each time you participate. Along with coins, you will find holes that Mario can fall into. These are passages that take you by a variety of enemies.

(1 of 3) Swim up the waterfall while moving right and left to collect coins.

Each of these caves has a different event inside. The first one you come across will have nothing special happen. The second cave on the left path will give you a Flower Tab, while the second cave you can enter on the right path will cause you to lose five coins. The third cave on the left path contains a Frog Coin, while the third cave near the bottom of the left path gives you a Flower Tab. Whether or not you want to spend the extra time it takes to watch each cave cutscene is up to you. Once you exit a cave, you will be let out of another hole to keep going down the Waterfall. Once you get near the end, you will notice a lot of white at the bottom of the screen.

The next section of the Midas River minigame focuses on jumping from barrel to barrel while jumping to collect coins. While this may seem simple at first, there is some strategy here that you will need to use. For starters, you don’t always want to jump off of the current barrel. If the barrel in front of you is on a path that has left coins than the one next to it, stay on your current barrel. This will allow you to collide with the barrels together and take the path with more coins. If the next barrel has more coins in its path, then jump right as you get close to the next barrel to switch over.

(1 of 3) You will want to use the barrels to jump and collect coins along the river.

The game is made difficult by the inclusion of fish that swim up and down the river. The fish that swim up the river are generally easy to jump over. The ones that come from behind Marion are hard to dodge. If you have a fish chasing you from behind, change your course to the side of the river opposite the approaching fish, and it will pass you by. If a fish manages to hit you, then you will lose five coins. Once you get to the end of the course, you will land next to a Toad and save block.

Midas River Minigame Rewards

Once you land back on solid ground, the Toad running the minigame will tell you how many coins you have collected. He will keep the coins for you and save them up. Once you have reached 80 coins, you can exchange them for a single Froggy Coin. In addition, when you get 60 coins for the first time, you will get ten bonus coins, and if you manage to gather all 100 coins on the course, then you will receive 30 Froggy Coins.

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