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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Boomer Bowser's Keep Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

Shortly after defeating Wizakoopa in "Bowser's Keep" iconBowser’s Keep during your playthrough of Super Mario RPG, you’ll come across another boss fight with Boomer. This battle is a throwback to the first battle you had with Bowser at the beginning of the game, where you’ll be on one chandelier while Boomer will be on the other. Although this is a relatively easy battle, it can still cause some problems if you’re unprepared. Read on to find out the best way to defeat Boomer.

Boomer is one of the last bosses of Bowser's Keep.

Where to Find Boomer

After you dispatch Wizakoopa, heal up by talking to it before heading out into the next room. Here, run to the following area while avoiding the numerous Thwomps and Big Blasters that come your way. You can do this by waiting for the Thwomp to rise again and jumping over the bullets that come your way. In the next room, head toward the door at the back, and you’ll be ambushed by Boomer, who is on top of the chandelier. Mario will jump up to the chandelier opposite and a battle will ensue.

How to Defeat Boomer in Bowser’s Keep

Recommended Level HP Weakness
20-22 2,000 N/A

This battle is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t cause you too many concerns. At this point in the game, regular timed attacks deal so much damage that there isn’t a reason to do anything different. Saying that, you shouldn’t underestimate Boomer either as its attacks can deal a lot of damage, albeit only to a single target, and Shaker can cause a mortal blow (instant death) if you miss the action prompt. For this reason, equip your party members with equipment that counters this, such as the Safety Ring, and Jinx Belt. Boomer isn’t weak to any attack, but it doesn’t resist any either outside of status effects, and Mario’s Jump abilities can deal significant damage to Boomer provided you can achieve at least 10 jumps per turn. Your general battle strategy should be to buff Mario and Bowser up with Geno Boost, and then switch Geno out for Mallow or Peach, depending on if you need to heal. If you have a 100% Triple Move gauge, use a Clown Car Barrage (Mario, Mallow, and Bowser) for major damage. Before long, you’ll take Boomer down, who will take its defeat with honor.

(1 of 4) Normal Attack: Boomer will pull its sword behind its back before unleashing a slice attack.

Boomer’s Attacks

Here is a list of all the attacks Boomer has in its arsenal.

Normal Attack

Boomer will hop forward before performing a backhand slice for minor damage. The action prompt will appear when Boomer gets ready for the attack, and the sword is behind it.


Skewer is a single-target attack that deals substantial damage. Boomer will pull out its katana before performing a single thrust at the target. The action prompt will appear just as the tip of the sword is about to reach you. You’ll want to block this attack, or you can expect to take upwards of 100 damage.


Shaker is a single-target attack. Boomer will hop forward before unleashing an upward slice attack. The action prompt will appear as soon as it unsheathes the sword. This attack can inflict a mortal blow (instant death).


Storm is a single-target special that deals moderate damage. Boomer will unleash a tornado at the target. The action prompt will appear toward the end of the animation, just as the visual effect begins to dissipate.

(1 of 3) Blast: Boomer will hop forward and unleash a small blast-like spell on one party member.


Blast is a single-target special that deals minor damage. Boomer will hop forward before unleashing the spell. The action prompt will appear toward the end of the animation, just as the visual effect begins to dissipate.

Valor Up

Boomer will raise its sword into the air before receiving a buff with a blue aura, which will change the color of its armor from red to blue. This will raise its physical and magical defense.

Vigor Up

Boomer will raise its sword into the air before receiving a buff with a red aura, which will change the color of its armor from blue to red. This will lower its defense but raise its attack.

Final Thoughts & Tips

There you have it, if you can negate Boomer’s Shaker attack, the battle will be smooth sailing. Buff up the party members attack with Geno Boost and go to town on Boomer with regular attacks. If your health gets low, switch in Peach for a Group Hug, and switch her back out for the person you replaced her with. Boomer only has 2,000 HP, and with regular attacks dealing upwards of 200+, it shouldn’t take long before you’re riding the chandelier up in victory.

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