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Pipe Vault Hidden Treasures and Secrets - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

Pipe Vault is an optional area in Super Mario RPG which can be accessed after finishing Forest Maze. Although it’s an optional zone, there are two Hidden Treasures to find among other items. You’ll find both the hidden treasures by going down the second pipe in the third area. Here, you can find them on the top ledge by jumping in the middle and near the end. If you want further details, read here.

Pipe Vault is an optional area that has two hidden treasures. It's also the only way to reach Yo'ster Isle.

Pipe Vault Hidden Treasure 1: Fourth Area

You’ll need to get to the third area in the Pipe Vault before you can find either treasure. From the start, jump across the lava while avoiding the Lava Bubbles that periodically jump in and out of the lava, and then continue on to reach room two. This room has a couple of Goombas which you can avoid by jumping over them, and then head up the stairs while avoiding the Thwomp that will crash down upon you if you’re under it. Finally, exit the area by going down the pipe at the back. In area three, go down the second green pipe in the room to reach the fourth area. Here you’ll notice a long greenish ledge above the path, just before the ledge, jump up to reveal a yellow block that you can use to reach the ledge. On the ledge, you’ll find a Treasure Chest that contains a Flower at the back, but before getting it, walk onto the third slab of the ledge, and jump up to find the hidden treasure containing a Frog Coin.

Pipe Vault Hidden Treasure 2: Fourth Area

In the same area, on the same ledge, walk a further two slabs across the ledge, and jump again to find the second hidden treasure that also contains a Frog Coin. You may have noticed a lone Frog Coin under the ledge and wondered how you got it. Well, run toward the coin, and press Joy-Con-Stick-L-Down to slide underneath the gap to collect the coin.

(1 of 4) Take the second pipe down in the third area.

How to Find Yo’ster Isle

Foremost, you may be wondering what Yo’ster Isle is. Well, it’s an optional area where you can find Yoshi and his brethren. This area is the home of the Mushroom Derby race. Not only that but there is another hidden treasure here. To get there, all you need to do is make your way through the rest of the Pipe Vault by following the directions below. Bounce on the spring at the end of the room to head back to area three. Head to the end of the area while avoiding or fighting the Piranha Plants who offer good exp but can be difficult depending on your level. At the end of the path, take the last pipe down. Note, that there is a Goomba-Thump mini-game you can do by heading down the second from the last pipe if you want to do it.

In the next room, make your way to the end while navigating around and over its threats, and then take the pipe down at the end into the next area. This room can be perilous. Do you see those white flowers opening and closing their mouths? Well, these nasty creatures will make you lose your coins whenever you hit them, so avoid them at all costs. The best way to do this is to jump on the brown pipes that the Piranha Plants come out of and use the pipe to jump over the white flowers. After you make your way across, take the green pipe into the next area.

(1 of 7) Take the last pipe down into the next area.

The first thing you’ll see in this room is the yellow platform moving up and down. Jump on it and jump again at the highest point to get the treasure chest containing a Flower. Continue making your way across while avoiding the enemies, and then jump on the yellow platform that’s moving from side to side. In the middle, you’ll find another chest containing 20 Coins, but you can only reach it from the yellow platform, so you’ll have to hit it a few times to get them all. When ready, take the green pipe at the end to enter Yo’ster Isle.

Yo’ster Isle Hidden Treasure 1: First Area

As soon as you enter Yo’ster Isle, you’ll be greeted with a Save Point. Save the game if you want, and then head behind the save point, and jump in the air to find a hidden treasure containing a Frog Coin. That’s all the hidden treasures in Yo’ster Isle, but there is the Mushroom Derby minigame you can do by talking to the green Yoshi in the next area. Jump on his back, and then speak to the red Yoshi near the entrance to get some Yoshi Cookies before talking to the purple Yoshi named “Boshi” to start the race.


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