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Hidden Treasures & Secrets: Land's End - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

On your way to obtaining the sixth Star Piece in Super Mario RPG, you’ll come to a place that goes by "Land's End" iconLand’s End. This area has four Hidden Treasure for you to find with the first two being early on. In general, you’ll find the hidden treasures in the following locations:

  • First Hidden Treasure: by jumping into the large cannon sitting next to the save point, jump on the yellow platform to reach the chest.
  • Second Hidden Treasure: can be found in the following area. Jump into the nearby cannon and launch yourself northeast again. Defeat the enemies, reveal the yellow platform, and head back to the cannon to reach the higher ledge. Stand in the corner and jump to find the chest.
  • Third Hidden Treasure: In the grassy area, take the low path east, and jump in between the two purple flowers.
  • Fourth Hidden Treasure: From the last treasure, head east and follow the lower path until you find a stone pillar. Jump into the hole to find yourself in a cave system. Head to the northernmost point of the room and jump in the corner for the chest. For further details regarding the treasures and secrets, read on.

Land's End has four hidden treasures you can find here.

Land’s End Hidden Treasure 1: First Area

At the start of the area, jump in the nearby cannon that sits next to the save point. When the cannon faces northeast, press Joy-Con-ButtonB to fire yourself onto the ledge in that direction. When you land, you should spot a yellow platform moving up and down. Jump on the platform, and when it reaches its peak, jump again to find the hidden treasure which contains a Red Essence.

Land’s End Hidden Treasure 2: Second Area

Enter the next area, and jump in the next cannon you see. Once again, launch yourself to the northeast where you’ll land in a hole. This spawns three "Chow" iconChow enemies, defeat them, jump out of the hole, and then jump again at the southeast edge of the hole to reveal a yellow platform. Make your way back to the cannon, and fire yourself northeast again, but this time you’ll land on top of the yellow platform. Ride it along, get the chest, and then jump onto the higher ledge. In the northwest corner, jump again to reveal the hidden treasure chest containing a Croaka Cola.

(1 of 2) Hidden Treasure 1: After launching yourself from the cannon. Jump onto the yellow platform. At its peak, jump again for the chest.

Hidden Treasure 1: After launching yourself from the cannon. Jump onto the yellow platform. At its peak, jump again for the chest. (left), Hidden Treasure 2: You'll need to reveal the yellow platform first before using the cannon again to reach the highest ledge. (right)

Land’s End Hidden Treasure 3: Fourth Area

Continue on into the next room, and make your way into the following room by jumping over the pillars; if you fall, jump into the south cannon at the beginning to launch yourself back up. When you reach the next area, it will have grass, and red flowers nearby. Ignore this for now, and take the lower path to your east where you’ll find two purple flowers. Jump on the nearest flower, and jump across to the flower next to it to find the hidden treasure containing a Frog Coin. This treasure is in between the two purple flowers.

Land’s End Hidden Treasure 4: Sixth Area (Cave)

Just past the last purple flower, there is a secret path to your east. Follow it into the next area, and then head northwest to find an ominous black hole inside the rocky pillar. Although it may take a few tries, jump into it, and you’ll be transported to a cave system. Follow the linear path until you reach four crates stacked by/on each other to your right, and jump on them. Use this to reach the nearby chest for a Frog Coin. Continue along the path, and head into the northernmost corner where the Chow is, and jump to find the hidden treasure chest containing another Frog Coin.

(1 of 3) Hidden Treasure 3: In the grassy area, head east, and jump on the second purple flower. From there, jump across to the third purple flower to get the chest.

Secret: Kero Sewers Secret Area Location - Cricket Jam

From the last treasure, head southeast into the next area. Follow the path around by going clockwise and eventually you’ll find a spring. Before using the spring, get the chest above the arrow sign, and then use the spring to find the "Kero Sewers" iconKero Sewers Secret Area. If you fall here, you’ll have to make your way back the same way you got here, so be careful with your jumps. Stay on top of the pipe, and let the "Boo" iconBoo’s attack you as they will just become a nuisance later on. When they’re dealt with, jump across the two ledges to the southwest and jump to find the chest containing the Cricket Jam. This can be traded with Frogfucius in Tadpole Pond for 10 Frog Coins.


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