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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Mario's Best Weapon: How to Get the Lazy Shell - Super Mario RPG

Seren Morgan-Roberts

Mario has a ton of weapons to choose from in Super Mario RPG, but one weapon stands out amongst all the rest…the Lazy Shell Weapon! And what’s even better is that when you find the Lazy Shell weapon, you’ll also find the Lazy Shell Armor too - score!

That being said, getting the Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor is no easy feat, and it’ll require a fair bit of prep work to obtain. Read on to learn how to find the Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor!

The Lazy Shell is the ultimate weapon for Mario! Read on to find out how to find it!

Where to Get the Lazy Shell Weapon for Mario

The Lazy Shell is the strongest weapon for Mario in the game, but it is hidden away in a hard-to-reach area that requires you to complete a side quest to find it. During this side quest, you’ll need to grab a Seed, some Fertilizer, and find the Rose Town Gardener.

How to Get the Seed

The Seed is the first bit that you’ll get to grab this special weapon. Thankfully, obtaining the Seed is a part of the main story, so you won’t miss it!

After defeating the Megasmilax boss in "Bean Valley" iconBean Valley, the "Shy Guy" iconShy Guy nearby will drop a small note just north of the warp pipe. Interacting with it will grant you the Seed as a reward!

The Seed can be obtained from the floating note after the boss fight.

How to Get the Fertilizer

Next up, you’ll need to grab the Fertilizer and this one is quite tricky to find! It’s found in Nimbus Land, but you won’t be able to obtain it until you’ve cleared out Nimbus Castle and defeated Valentina.

Once you’ve done that, head to the far right of the Nimbus Land town. From the front door of the house, head directly south along the edge of the clouds, then walk in the middle of the two buildings covered in twisted roots (see below). You’ll walk out onto an invisible path leading to the Shy Guy gardener who watered Birdo. Now that you’ve caught him, he’ll offer you the Fertilizer in exchange for letting him go!

Head exactly to reveal a secret invisible path to the Shy Guy with the Fertilizer!

Where to Find the Rose Town Gardener

Now that you have both the Fertilizer and the Seed, open the map and return to Rose Town. Head up to the northeast section of the town in the middle to find a new path that has just appeared which leads out of town.

The path will lead to a lone house on the town outskirts, and inside you’ll find a Gardener you can talk to who desperately seeks the perfect seed and fertilizer…he’s in luck! Hand him the seed and fertilizer and wait for him to finish his lil speech, then you’ll spot a super tall beanstalk burst out of the top of the house!

(1 of 2) Once you have the seed and the fertilizer find the Gardener in Rose Town

Once you have the seed and the fertilizer find the Gardener in Rose Town (left), and give them to him so he can grow a huge beanstalk! (right)

Exit the house once he’s done speaking with you and jump up the boxes up towards the chimney, and you’ll be able to climb the beanstalk up into the clouds. When you reach the top, you’ll arrive at a cloud platform that holds both the Lazy Shell Weapon and Lazy Shell Armor!

Lazy Shell Weapon Stats

The Lazy Shell is the most powerful of all of Mario’s weapons, dealing a whopping +90 Physical Damage. The second most powerful weapon, the Ultra Hammer, deals +70 damage so it’s quite a decent jump up.

Peach’s Frying Pan is another great weapon that you can get prior to the late game. Check out our guide for how to get Peach’s Frying Pan for more information!

The Lazy Shell is the strongest Mario weapon in the game!

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