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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Win The Yoshi Race - Mushroom Derby

Jessica Dillon

The Mushroom Derby is the third minigame that you will unlock while playing Super Mario RPG. This game focuses on racing Yoshi’s and can be quite difficult to master. This is due to having to stay in rhythm with the button presses seen on screen. The guide below goes over how to unlock the Mushroom Derby, how it’s won, and what Yoshi Cookies are used for.

The Mushroom Derby is available on Yo’ster Isle.

How to Unlock Mushroom Derby

You will be able to play Mushroom Derby after you have defeated Boshi in a race on Yo’ster Isle. To do this, speak with Yoshi and tell him you want to “Saddle Up.” You will need to jump onto his back and then head down to speak with Boshi. You can choose to challenge him to a race, and you can wager Yoshi Cookies as the prize. If you don’t have Yoshi Cookies on you, then speak with the Red Yoshi closest to the left mailbox. He will give you three cookies so that you can get or keep racing.

How to Win The Mushroom Derby

Mushroom Derby is essentially a glorified rhythm game. You hit A Joy-Con-ButtonA and B Joy-Con-ButtonB in sequence with the buttons shown in the lower right corner of the screen to keep Yoshi moving quickly. This is a bit difficult to master at first, as the pacing feels a bit weird. It’s best to bet only a single cookie to give yourself a few practice runs before actually committing to winning this minigame.

(1 of 3) You can challenge Boshi at any time while actively riding Yoshi.

If you do fall behind, then you can press Y Joy-Con-ButtonY to consume one Yoshi Cookie. This takes away from your overall total, so we only recommend doing this if you feel like you are going to lose. If the odds stated by Boshi are good, then you can also choose to just watch the Yoshi race. This is an easier way to guarantee a win. Once you become confident in your skill, you can begin to wager even more Yoshi Cookies.

What Do Yoshi Cookies Do?

Once you defeat "Bundt" iconBundt, the child Yoshi will unlock. He can easily be spotted in the Yoshi nest on the left side of the map. The game will tell you that he looks like he wants a cookie, and you can feed him. Once he has been fed 30 Yoshi Cookies, he will turn into Fat Yoshi. After this, you can exchange Yoshi Cookies with him in exchange for an egg. The egg may contain Bracers, Energizers, Frog Coins, Red Essences, Yoshi-Ades, or Yoshi Candies. The item you get seems to be left completely up to RNG. If you haven’t yet unlocked the child, Yoshi, then you can store your cookies with the Red Yoshi at the front of the track. Speak with him again at any time to get them back.

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