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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Bundt and Raspberry Marrymore Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

After chasing Booster and his gaggle of "Snifster" iconSnifster minions to Marrymore and interrupting Booster’s planned, non-consensual marriage to Princess Peach, a confrontation was inevitable… but who could have expected that this intervention would lead to combat with a cake?! This page will provide tips and strategies so that you can take a slice out of the boss "Bundt" iconBundt and "Raspberry" iconRaspberry in Super Mario RPG.

(1 of 2) Torte is immune to damage,

Torte is immune to damage, (left), so focus on attacking the cake, instead. (right)

How to Defeat Bundt and Raspberry in Marrymore

Bundt and Raspberry aren’t two different enemies, as the name may imply, but rather two distinct phases of the same boss fight. There are actually three phases to this fight; first, you’ll have to deal with Chef "Torte" iconTorte and his "Apprentice" iconApprentice, who appear to be armored Koopa Troopas (why a turtle-like creature with a shell would wear armor, especially when employed as a chef, is beyond our ken - must be a German thing). They’re the instigators of this fight, distraught that the wedding is off due to Peach’s timely rescue, and rather than let their efforts go to waste (or just feed the cake to the couple outside planning to get married) they opt to throw a tantrum. Their armor makes them invulnerable, but you should ignore them and just attack the cake, named Bundt.

Deal enough damage to Bundt and the cake will animate, causing Chef Torte and his Apprentice (both are just named Torte for, for whatever reason) to flee, and five candles will alight on Bundt. At this phase you need to strike the cake repeatedly to extinguish the candles atop it - one attack snuffs one candle, regardless of the damage, and Bundt relights one candle per turn. Once all five candles are snuffed the upper two layers of the cake will fall off, leaving you to fight the bottom layer - Raspberry.

Raspberry is a more straightforward fight, with fewer, generally less dangerous attacks. Finish it off to end the fight.

(1 of 3) After dealing 900 damage to the cake, Bundt, it’ll start to defend itself, potentially using the potent Diamond Saw attack,

Bundt and Raspberry - Attacks and Special Abilities

The two Tortes aren’t much of a threat, they’re mostly there to distract you. They can’t deal much damage, so ignore them and instead focus all your attacks on the cake, Bundt. Bundt is weak to Jump, but you shouldn’t expend any FP at this time, instead opting to whittle down the cake’s 900 HP, at which point the Tortes will flee and the fight will enter its second phase.

Enemy Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
"Torte" iconTorte Hysterical Flailing Physical The distraught chefs shout “Stop! Stop!” and swat at you, dealing light damage.
"Bundt" iconBundt Diamond Saw Special Shoots two snowflake-shaped blades that strike a target for heavy damage.
"Bundt" iconBundt Lulla-Bye Special Attempts to inflict Sleep on a target.
"Bundt" iconBundt & "Raspberry" iconRaspberry Bite Physical The belligerent cake decides to defy nature by taking a bite out of one character, dealing moderate damage.
"Bundt" iconBundt Blizzard Special Deals light ice damage to all party members.
"Bundt" iconBundt & "Raspberry" iconRaspberry Sandstorm Special Deals light damage to all party members and debuffs them.
"Bundt" iconBundt & "Raspberry" iconRaspberry Light Orb Physical Shoots an orb of light at a target, dealing light damage.
"Bundt" iconBundt & "Raspberry" iconRaspberry Painspout Special Water erupts under all party members, dealing moderate damage.

This is where things really get interesting, as Bundt will now attack. The culinary menace has numerous attacks - many of which you’ve seen before - but you should be especially vigilant for Diamond Saw, which can deal upwards of 50 damage to a single target! It can also debuff you with Sandstorm, put a character to sleep with Lulla-bye, and damage the entire party with Blizzard and Painspout. Worse, it gets two attacks around - one for each of the topmost layers, presumably. Bad RNG can really, really hurt here, but on the plus side, its Bite and Light Orb attacks are basically freebies.

Raspberry, the bottom layer of the cake and the final phase of the fight is just a less capable version of Bundt, having fewer attacks and only getting to use one per round. Raspberry has no exclusive attacks, so if you survived Bundt’s offensive long enough to blow out all five candles, you’re probably in the clear against Raspberry.

Bundt and Raspberry - Stats and Weaknesses

The Tortes are immune to all damage, so you just need to ignore them and focus on Bundt, which has 900 HP. After you whittle down Bundt’s HP the fight will really begin, with Bundt lighting five candles atop it that must be extinguished - one attack, however strong, will snuff out one candle. Bundt is technically weak to Jump, but early in the fight where this matters, there’s no need to waste FP, and during the candle phase, damage output doesn’t matter, so again, no reason to expend FP. Just use normal attacks until Bundt is defeated and only the bottom layer, Raspberry, remains.

Enemy HP Weaknesses Resistances
"Torte" iconTorte x2 100 none all
"Bundt" iconBundt 900 Jump, Mute Fire, Ice, Lightning, Fear, Poison, Sleep
"Raspberry" iconRaspberry 600 Jump, Mute Fire, Ice, Lightning, Fear, Poison, Sleep

(1 of 2) Attack Bundt to extinguish its candles - one attack = one candle snuffed.

Attack Bundt to extinguish its candles - one attack = one candle snuffed. (left), After all the candles have gone dark, one more hit will destroy the top two layers of Bundt. (right)

Every hit on Bundt snuffs a candle, and every turn one candle will relight. You can therefore snuff out up to three candles per turn and land six hits in two turns, which is enough to extinguish all the candles. If Bundt ends a turn with no candles, however, it’ll relight one, so you need to put out all of Bundt’s candles and land a follow-up attack on the same turn, which will defeat Bundt.

Raspberry has the same resistances as Bundt - weak to Jump and Mute, strong against most everything else - and unlike Bundt there’s actually a reason to use Jump on Raspberry. Namely, Raspberry doesn’t have five candles you need to blow out, but rather it’s back to the standard Hit Points system - deal 600 HP of damage to Raspberry and you’ll win the fight. Super Jump can deal over 150 damage (depending on whether you’re debuffed or not and how many jumps you land), which is a sizeable chunk of the boss’s remaining HP.

(1 of 2) Raspberry will continue Bundt’s offensive, albeit with only one attack per round.

Raspberry will continue Bundt’s offensive, albeit with only one attack per round. (left), While Bundt and Raspberry have both been weak against Jump damage, the fight’s third phase is the first time it’s been worth actually spending the FP on such attacks. (right)

Bundt and Raspberry - Rewards

Defeating Bundt and Raspberry is a surprisingly unrewarding affair - you’ll walk away with 75 Exp (split three ways) and not much else. On the plus side, consuming the cake seems to have satiated Booster and he proclaims the wedding ceremony over before leaving with his Snifsters - the fact that he thought the ceremony was the purpose of a wedding instead of a mere complication burden their marriage with shouldn’t surprise anybody. Raz and Raini can now get married as planned and Peach will accompany you back to the Mushroom Kingdom. After an obligatory diversion to move the plot along, the walkthrough will pick back up at Star Hill.

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