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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Unlock Crate Guy's Casino - Super Mario RPG

Jessica Dillon

Crate Guy’s Casino is a hidden area in Super Mario RPG that many players will miss. You have to not only figure out how to get the Bright Card that allows you to enter but also learn where the Casino is located and how to open it. You’ll find the Bright Card in Booster’s Tower, while the Casino can be accessed through a secret path in Bean Valley. The guide below goes into depth on how to get the Bright Card, find Crate Guy’s Casino, and how to play the minigames inside.

You will need to get the Bright Card from Knife Guy to get into Crate Guy’s Casino.

Where to Find Knife Guy and Get The Bright Card

Knife Guy will appear in the middle of Booster’s Tower once you defeat him in the boss battle. He is at the top of some steps, in an area with no enemies. When you speak with him, he will ask you if you want to play a game. If you say yes, he will juggle a red and yellow ball. Watch it closely, and tell him what hand the yellow ball landed in. This is rather easy to do. You can win a randomized mushroom each time you play. The real prize comes in at around twelve wins when he gives you the Bright Card and tells you that it will get you into Crate Guy’s Casino.

How to Get Into Crate Guy’s Casino

This is a hidden area, so finding it is hard on your own. You will first want to travel to Bean Valley. Once here, follow the path forward until you reach an opening with a circle of Warp Pipes. A Shy Guy will fly around to water the Piranha Plants here, and once they are fully grown, fight the one in the top left corner. You won’t be able to use the pipe unless he is defeated. Once this is done, enter the pipe.

You will now be in a sewer area, and in the corner is a Gold Chain Chomp. Make your way over to him. You can ignore the rest of the enemies in this room. When you enter into battle, you will need to take down four Golden Chain Chomps. Luckily, they’re not all that special and can be dealt with quickly. Once you finish the battle, stand against the wall and the invisible barrier and jump three times. This will make a block appear, jump on top of it, and exit the area using a new path.

(1 of 4) Defeat the Piranha Plant and use the pipe to enter the sewer area.

This will lead you back to your map, and the area Crate Guy’s Casino will now unlock. From here, you just need to travel to the area and open the house. When you go inside, there will be two Toads that check for your Bright Card. As long as you have it, you can enter the casino and begin to play games.

How to Win Match Three and Treasure Block

Crate Guy’s Casino has actually been changed a little from the original game. The dealer table in the right corner no longer plays Blackjack but instead is a match-three type game. During this game, the dealer will flip all the cards on the table. You must memorize where every character is. When he flips the cards back over, he will ask you to identify three characters in a row. If you do, you will receive an item like Royal Jelly. You can challenge the game as many times as you want for free.

(1 of 4) You can play a version of slots in the left corner of the casino.

The second game in the room is now called Prize Blocks, but it is just slots. You need to stand under the chest and jump three times. If you match all three items, then you will get that item for free. This game is also free to play.

Winning the Star Egg from Look This Way

For the third game, you will need to speak with Crate Guy several times before he offers to play. You simply look in the opposite direction of the one he is pointing at. The game is left up to chance, and you can get random items from playing usually. Win at the game 100 times, however, and you’ll obtain the Star Egg, this is a reusable item that allows you to deal 100 damage to all enemies, very useful indeed!

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