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Super Mario RPG (2023)

How to Equip Weapons, Armor & Accessories in Super Mario RPG

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to equip weapons, armor and accessories in Super Mario RPG. Armor, weapons and accessories can all be vital to success in combat, offering extra damage and defenses. Read on for a quick guide on how to equip gear in Super Mario RPG.

You’ll get your first bit of gear when you defeat the Hammer Bros - learn how to equip the hammer here!

How to Equip Gear in Super Mario RPG

Equipping gear in Super Mario RPG is really easy and you can do it from the very beginning of the game - though you might not have anything to equip just yet! All you need to do is open up the menu using the “+” button Joy-Con-ButtonPlus and then select “Equip”. From here, if you have items to equip, you can choose to either equip Weapons, Armor and/or Accessories. On this menu page you’ll also see your party member’s stats so as you equip items, you’ll be able to see what stats they affect - defense, attack, mg. attack, etc.

(1 of 2) Open up the menu and select the “Equip” tab

Open up the menu and select the “Equip” tab (left), then you can equip new weapons and gear. You can check their stats to the right. (right)

Where to Get Gear in Super Mario RPG

You’ll get your first bit weapon after defeating the Hammer Bro bosses in Mushroom Way - a big ol’ hammer! However, if you’re looking for more gear, your best bet is to start saving up coins and spending them at the Item shops. The first one you’ll be able to visit is in the Mushroom Kingdom. For example, here you’ll be able to buy a Shirt for Mario that offers +6 Defense and +6 Mg. Defense for 7 Coins. You can also buy some special Jump Shoes for 30 Coins in the Accessories tab and these will allow Mario to perform a Jump special attack against any enemy!

You can purchase gear from the Item shop to beef up your party members!

Make sure to check every Item Shop you come across, as they’re the best places to find gear for your party members - and not just for Mario!

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Super Mario RPG is a wonderful and whimsical remake of the 1996 classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. You’ll need to assemble a group of heroes (starting with Mario of course!) to embark on a quest to repair the wish-granting Star Road! Along the way you’ll encounter enemies from the Smithy Gang, and you’ll unlock access to a whole cast of nostalgic playable characters, from Princess Peach to Geno the puppet to the adorable Mallow.

This guide includes everything you need to make your way through the Super Mario RPG remake. Whilst this game is a faithful remake of the original, the game developers, ArtePiazza, have also included some fun post-game match-ups for those who are looking for an extra challenge and a departure from the OG game! We’ve got walkthroughs for the following:

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