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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Special Enemy Locations and Farming in Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

As you play through Super Mario RPG you’ll occasionally run into Special Enemies, who, as their name implies, are more powerful variants of normal foes. This page will provide details on special enemies in Super Mario RPG, including how to find them, what makes them so “special”, and what items they drop when defeated.

  • Where can you find Special Enemies in Super Mario RPG?: Special enemies randomly spawn along normal mobs, replacing one of the common enemies that would have appeared instead. They are not unique and you can farm them by zoning in and out of an area and fighting enemies.

Special enemies will randomly spawn alongside normal enemies, and boast superior stats.

What Are Special Enemies in Super Mario RPG?

Special enemies are, simply put, enemies with higher stats than their normal counterparts. In fact, that’s likely how you’ll initially find out there’s a special enemy in combat - their superior stats usually mean they’ll attack first unless you’re greatly overleveled! Once combat starts you can easily identify them via the “Special Enemy” text under their name. Otherwise, they’re identical to normal foes; they have the same attacks and look exactly the same.

(1 of 2) Defeat special enemies,

Defeat special enemies, (left), and they’ll drop Frog Coins, which can be spent at special vendors to purchase rare consumables and accessories. (right)

How to Find Special Enemies and Farm Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG

You’ll likely start encountering your first special enemies in the Bandit’s Way area, where they occur as random spawns that appear when you encounter normal mobs, replacing one of the weaker enemies that normally would spawn. There are sadly no other ways to identify these enemies, they don’t glow, or sparkle, they’re the same size, and they don’t even have a palette swap! Special enemies can spawn in pretty much any normal encounter, and despite their name, they’re only “special” since as they have higher stats and drop a Frog Coin when defeated.

If you want to farm them - presumably to stock up on the aforementioned Frog Coins - all you need to do is clear enemy mobs in an area and hope a special enemy spawns. In our experience, farming two different screens, alternating between the mobs in each screen, is the most efficient way to go about this, as zoning in and out of the same screen seems to result in lower special enemy spawn rates. There does not seem to be a limit on the number of special enemies you can encounter - either in the game as a whole or within a specific screen or zone.

For more tips about farming and spending Frog Coins, check out the following pages:

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