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Frog Coin Merchant Location - Seaside Town Walkthrough - Super Mario RPG

Nathan Garvin

After claiming the fourth Star from Star Hill you’ll need to continue your quest for the fifth Star. The only new area on the map is the Seaside Town, so you might as well resume your search there. This page will provide a walkthrough for Seaside Town, including all the shops and how to reach the next area, the Sea in Super Mario RPG.

The one native merchant lucid enough to do business with you will sell you some… odd wares.

Seaside Town

From the entrance to town head east to find the inn, where you’ll find an obligatory Save Point and an overly generous innkeeper who will let you rest for free. Sweet! He does seem rather checked out, though… This odd behavior will prove to be standard for the various NPCs in town, and talking to other residents will yield dubious results - one will mention the village elder, another will tell you that you can enter the ocean via whirlpools, and others will mention pirates, including one Johnathan “Johnny” Jones. That said, there are still a few points of interest worth checking out.

A recently matured frog on the upper floor of the elder's house will offer you some very interesting items in exchange for Frog Coins!

Seaside Town Item Shop

Exit the inn and make your way northwest to an item shop, entering the southwesternmost of three doors, then talk to the blue toad behind the counter.

Item Cost Effect
Thropher Cookie 69 Heals all party members for 69 HP and cures status effects.
Poison Mushroom 30 Poisons an enemy.
Fright Bomb 100 Fear Attack on a single enemy.
Fire Bomb 200 Hit all enemies with fire.
Ice Bomb 250 Hit all enemies with ice.

Some useful healing items (Thropher Cookie) and AoE elemental bombs here, if you have the coins. You don’t technically need anything here, however. Once you’re done with the upcoming [Sunken Ship] dungeon, this shop will not be available, so if you want anything, you’d better buy it soon.

When you're ready to move on, talk to the elder to unlock the Sea area.

Seaside Town Frog Coin Shop

Make your way uphill to the northern edge of town to find the elder’s house, and head inside. Ignore the elder on the ground floor and go upstairs to find a frog - a fully grown tadpole who remembers your earlier visit to Tadpole Pond! Talk to him and he’ll offer to show you his wares:

Item Cost Effect
See Ya 10 Run from battles! Using this will not consume it.
Earlier Times 15 Use it to start a battle over. Using this will not consume it.
Exp. Booster 22 Doubles Exp. when equipped.
Coin Trick 36 Doubles the coins you win in battle. Mario only.
Flower Ring 50 Cuts FP use in half during battle.

There’s some awfully good stuff here, and if you’ve diligently collected Frog Coins up to this point, refrained from spending any, and perhaps did a bit of grinding Special Enemies, you may have enough to purchase any accessory at this shop. That said, we prefer to start out by grabbing the Coin Trick, as it’ll ensure we passively accumulate extra coins as we progress through the game, ideally preventing us from having to grind for coins as we reach new shops and find items we want to buy. If we still have to grind for coins, it’ll double the speed at which we accumulate wealth.

Buy what you wish for or save up for something you have your eye on if you don’t have enough Frog Coins, then head downstairs and talk to the elder. He’s rather terse and will tell you that a star fell into the ocean, and you need to find it for him. For reasons. Talk to him again and he’ll mention it being in Jonathan Jones’ territory. Righty-o. Exit the Seaside Town and a new area - the Sea will pop up on your map - your next destination. If you’d rather try to score some of the unique items from the Frog Merchant, consider farming Special Enemies or replaying the Midas River minigame. If you need more conventional coinage, try to farm Sackit enemies at Star Hill. The following pages will get you where you need to go!


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