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Super Mario RPG (2023)

Hammer Bros Mushroom Way Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Seren Morgan-Roberts

The Hammer Bros are the first real boss of the Super Mario RPG and whilst they aren’t too challenging, players might find it tricky to deal with the enemies’ ranged attacks and beefier HP. On this page, we’ll detail all you need to know about the best attacks against the Hammer Bros as well as their attacks, special abilities, weaknesses, and stats!

The Hammer Bros are ready to face down Mario the infamous jump king.

How to Defeat the Hammer Bros in Mushroom Way

During this boss fight, you’ll face two Hammer Bros in the Mushroom Way region. At this stage in the game, you’re only gonna have one party member - Mario. This means you’ll need to be strategic in your attacks, using the Jump Special Ability as well as Items to keep yourself going.

Hammer Bros Boss - Attacks and Special Abilities

These guys will use their hammers to perform two types of attacks, as listed below:

Attacks and Abilities Attack Type Description
Hammer Attack Physical The Hammer Bro will use a Hammer to hit Mario on the head.
Hammer Time Special The Hammer Bro will throw out four mini hammers that’ll land on Mario’s head.
Valor Up Special Increases the enemy’s Physical and Magic Defense by 50%. Will typically use this after one of them has been defeated.

Both the Hammer Attack and Hammer Time Special Attack are blockable and so if you’re quick enough you could block all incoming damage. With the Hammer Time attack, even though there are four hammers coming at you, you’ll only need to hit the button to defend once. For more information on how to defend in combat, take a look at our quick guide!

The Hammer Time Special Attack can deal a lot of damage so it’s best to time the block perfectly to negate it!

Hammer Bros Boss - Stats and Weaknesses

So now that you know the attacks to expect, let’s get into the Hammer Bros’ stats and weaknesses.

HP Weaknesses Resistances
50 None None

They have a pretty sizable HP pool meaning you’ll want to perform the powerful Jump special attack to chunk around half one of the Bro’s HP in one go. Additionally, you should be looking to get increased damage by hitting those timed attacks correctly - if you’re looking for a refresher on that, check out our page all about attacking. This extra damage timed attack will also do a little damage to the second Hammer Bro too!

Additionally, as can be seen above, the Hammer Bros have no weaknesses or resistances, meaning all attacks will do normal damage. So, you can safely alternate between Jump special attacks and normal physical attacks without worrying about resistances.

The Jump Special Attack will do quite a bit of damage to the Hammer Bros.

Since these guys have 100 HP total health between them, we’d recommend making sure you have some Mushroom Items to hand for this fight. It’s likely that you do have some as Toad will have given you some earlier (provided you’ve not used them up!). Make sure to keep your health above around 15 HP as the Hammer Time Special Attacks can do up to 12 Damage in one hit, which could leave you vulnerable to being one shot by the second Hammer Bro before you can even heal up.


When you’ve defeated one of the Hammer Bros, the second will almost always use the Special ability Valor Up which will increase its defenses by 50%. This will mean that the second half of this boss fight might go a bit slower since you’re gonna be doing barely any damage with your physical attacks. It can be useful to save some FP for at least one Jump attack in this part of the fight as it’ll still do a decent amount of damage even when it’s halved.

Hammer Bros Boss - Rewards

For defeating the two Hammer Bros, you’ll receive 10 Coins, 3 EXP as well as a Flower Jar that can be used to increase FP. At the end of the fight, you’ll also receive a Hammer weapon which you can equip via the menu. This Hammer will feel like a huge damage boost compared to Mario’s hand attacks!

Time to upgrade your attacks with a fancy new Hammer!

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