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Super Mario RPG (2023)

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Wizakoopa Boss Guide - Super Mario RPG

Matt Chard

After you’ve made your way through the Six Doors challenge room in "Bowser's Keep" iconBowser’s Keep, you’ll have a boss fight on your hands. This will be against Bowser’s minion Wizakoopa who has lost its way, and thinks you’re trespassing in Smithy’s Castle, although we all know it’s Bowser’s. Because of this, it’ll attack you, and a battle will ensue. Wizakoopa isn’t a particularly difficult battle if you know what to expect, and prepare accordingly. Read on to find out the best way to make Wizakoopa come back to its senses while also obtaining infinite Coins.

Wizakoopa is one of the bosses you'll fight in Bowser's Keep.

Where to Find Wizakoopa

You’ll come across Wizakoopa after completing four doors of the Six Door Puzzle room in "Bowser" iconBowser’s Keep. When you complete four of the six doors, you’ll end up falling to the floor, where you’ll find Wizakoopa. After a short conversation, you’ll face it in a boss fight.

How to Defeat Wizakoopa

Recommended Level HP Weakness
20 1,600 FearIconSuperMarioRPG.png

As stated above, Wizakoopa isn’t the most difficult battle you’ll come across, mainly because it won’t do much attacking itself apart from a few single-target magic spells, and the odd area-of-effect attack. Instead, it will summon monsters to do its bidding. Throughout the battle, Wizakoopa will summon various enemies from King Bomb, and Bahamutt to even Jinx if you’re unlucky, and when they’re out, you won’t be able to target Wizakoopa which means you’ll need to defeat the summon first. The only difficult summon in this fight is King Bomb. If you let King Bomb explode on the party it can bring the entire party to dangerously low health levels, and if Wizakoopa proceeds to use an area-of-effect attack immediately after, it could wipe the party. If Wizakoopa does summon King Bomb, take it out as soon as possible. It is weak to Fire and Jump, so exploit that with Mario (preferably Jump if you can perform more than 10 hits), and King Bomb shouldn’t last much longer. Other than that, keep yourself above 90-100 HP, and Wizakoopa shouldn’t cause you too many problems. For offense, you can just use regular timed attacks for the most part as Wizakoopa doesn’t have a lot of health, and it isn’t weak to anything outside of Fear, which you can use on it to reduce the damage it does while increasing the amount you do.

Wizakoopas Attacks

Here is a list of all the attacks Wizakoopa has in its arsenal.


A single-target spell that deals moderate damage to one party member.


A single-target spell that deals moderate damage to one party member.


A single-target spell that deals major damage to one party member.

Flame Wall

An area-of-effect fire-based spell that hits the party for moderate damage.


An area-of-effect ice-based spell that hits the entire party for moderate damage.


Wizakoopa drops an egg to the floor, and waves its magic over it to summon one of the following monsters: King Bomb, Jinx Clone, and Bahamutt. The only summon you need to worry about is King Bomb, as it can explode upon the party and deal devastating damage.

(1 of 6) Blast is a single-target attack.

Wizakoopa Infinite Coins Chest Reward

Once you defeat Wizakoopa, it comes to its senses and apologizes to Bowser before rewarding you with a chest that gives you infinite Coins provided you’re happy to keep attacking the chest for one Coin per jump.

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