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Voeld Overview

Nathan Garvin

An icy planet that serves as the primary battleground between the Angara and the Kett, Voeld is home to many hazards. Kett bases litter the landscape, in more variety than even the ones on Eos. In addition you can expect to face numerous fauna that somehow tolerate Voeld’s unforgiving climate, including Adhi, Challyrion, Creepers, Echidna, Galorns and worst of all, the Eiroch (unexalted Fiends that perform identically in combat). There are also the odd Remnant ruins scattered about, home to containers to loot and Remnant bots to destroy.

Voeld is crawling with dangerous wildlife, most notably the Eiroch (left). There's also numerous Kett encampments and strongholds (right).

The greatest, most persistent threat you’ll face on Voeld, however, is the weather itself. Don’t expect tinkering with the obligatory vault on Voeld to fix matters like on Eos, either - you’ll have to endure cold environmental hazards (levels one and two) throughout your travels. Fortunately, most Kett bases have heating devices which will replenish your life support. Failing that, Angaran bases and Forward Stations should provide ample reprieve. Just keep an eye on your hardsuit’s life support as you explore and avoid getting caught out too far away from the Nomad or shelter.

There are more reasons that mere survival to explore Angaran and Kett strongholds, however, as the former are keen to give you quests in the fight against the latter, and there are numerous, randomly appearing quest objects that appear in Kett camps (see “Task: Catch and Release” and “Task: Gone Dark”). While most of the many quests on Voeld revolve around the Resistance and their struggles against the Kett, there are a few instances of Remnant-focused quests (“Task: Subjugation”) and the odd moment of tension with other factions (“The Lost Song”, “Intercepted”). For the most part, however, if you’re not a fan of moral ambiguity and just want to further the fight against the Kett, Voeld is the place for you.

Then there’s the obligatory task of making a home for the Initiative on Voeld. The Nexus won’t be doing much farming here, but if there’s one thing Voeld has in abundance, it’s water. You’ll find a suitable site southeast of the Resistance Base (southeast of Hjara Station, northwest of where the Remnant monoliths stand). Just don’t be too quick to pursue the quest “Missing Science Crew” from the outpost leader on Voeld, as it’ll quickly balloon into something you may not be ready for.

Scattered Forward Stations will provide zones of safety amidst Voeld's harsh weather (left) and the planet is unusually abundant in valuable resources (right).

Perhaps the most lucrative thing on Voeld, however, are its mineral resources. Mining Zones are plentiful and they can yield Beryllium, Copper, Element Zero and Platinum, the latter two are quite rare and expensive. Always be on the hunt for them, first, and prioritize their extraction over the other, less valuable resources.

The quests on Voeld will be largely structured by where they start, focusing on the northern and central sections of Voeld while moving from the western-most edge of the map (the Resistance Base quests) and moving east (Hjara Station, Techiix Station, etc.) These will be sandwiched by free-form quests like “Task: Catch and Release”, “Task: Gone Dark” and “Task: Subjugation”, which require luck and much exploration, and are hence of indeterminate length and on-going multi-planet quests like “Task: Cultivation”, “Task: Hitting Rocks for Science” and “Ryder Family Secrets”. Once Voeld is thoroughly explored it’ll be time to remove the Kett presence “Remove the Heart”, clear out Ja Niihk (“Task: Gone Dark” and “Uncovering the Past”), then focus on the south by establishing a settlement, entering Voeld’s vault and stabilizing the weather (“Restoring a World”) and dealing with Voeld’s Architect (“Missing Science Crew”).


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