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On the Frontlines

Nathan Garvin

Summon the Nomad and SAM will give you a run-down of the planet, some points of interest (including a Remnant vault!), and finally warns you about the cold on Voeld. Oh, and is Voeld a big planet, easily comparable in size to Eos. Another Remnant vault, Memory Triggers to collect, minerals to scan, and a few possible outstanding sidequest (“Trading Favors” and “Peebee: Secret Project”, to name a few) all await… but again, let’s stay focused on the task at hand - earning the trust of Evfra - at the exclusion of all else.

Mining Voeld

Drive downhill to the northwest and if Jaal is with you he’ll give you the novel advice of “follow the lights”. Follow them right off a cliff, turn east, then southeast and pass through a narrow cleft in the rocks to find some Kett fighting some Angara. Dismount, kill the Kett, then continue driving downhill to the northeast, where you’ll find a Mining Zone. While the Mining Zone might not be terribly lucrative in sheer mineral counts, Voeld is home to both Eezo and Platinum, two rare and incredibly valuable minerals. This very Mining Zone will yield trace amount of the two minerals, which can be found on a hill southwest of the icon (Eezo) and northwest of the icon (Platinum). The real payout is on a downhill slope east, southeast of the icon, where you’ll find a sizable lode of Platinum and some Beryllium. All in all, you can expect to increase the amount of Eezo you have considerably if you’re patient and deploy your probes properly.

Two rare resources - Element Zero and Platinum - can be found on Voeld (left). You'll also encounter new Kett here, namely the cloaking Destined (right).

Kett and other Creatures

Head southeast from the Mining Zone icon, making your way downhill into a frozen river, where you’ll find a Kett outpost. Alongside a number of Wraiths you’ll find the typical Chosen, and there’s a very good possibility you’ll meet a new enemy - a Destined. Like Anointed, they have shields, but they don’t pack heavy weapons. They can, however, cloak, making them difficult to keep track of, but note that the mist they tend to expel as part of their concealment can give them away, and they can be targeted by skills even while invisible… provided you can ‘ballpark’ their location.

Quests in Kett Camps

From this outpost drive south, then turn east, making your way past a Kett camp. Kett camps are ubiquitous on Voeld, and unfortunately, they’re not marked on your map. In random Kett bases on Voeld you can sometimes find “Angaran Bugs” on Kett machinery or dead Angarans, both of which can be scanned. In the former case the quest “Task: Gone Dark” will begin, encouraging you to scan more such Angaran Bugs, while on the other hand scanning dead Angarans will start the quest “Task: Catch and Release”. Keep these quests in mind when you find Kett prowling the surface on Angara, especially if you see that D-pad scanner prompt appear on the bottom of your screen. These quests will be covered in more detail later, but considering their objectives and the camps they take place in aren’t marked and are random (like the quest on Eos “Task: The Ghost of Promise”), there’s no harm in seeking out Kett camps in the off-chance you’ll be able to advance one of these quests.

A variety of quest-related objects may randomly spawn at Kett camps on Voeld, like this Angaran Bug (left). Drive to Hjara Station and talk to Skeot to start the quest "Stage a Rescue" (right).

Hjara Station

From this Kett camp drive southeast to find the Hjara Station, near (southwest) of which is another Forward Station. Exit the Nomad and head into the camp, where you’ll find Skeot. Talk to him and he’ll fill you in on your mission - there’s a labor camp nearby, where his uncle, Niilj, is being held. Assault the camp, rescue the captive Angara and you’ll have made a fine show of good faith. This end the short-lived quest “On the Frontlines” and begins “Stage a Rescue”.

Before you leave, search the camp, as there are a few Angaran Integrated Tech units scattered about (100 Heleus Research Data points each), numerous containers… even the odd Iridium deposit to exploit. You can also talk to some of the Angara around here, including an Angaran merchant. They adopted the Credit system and capitalism quick-like!


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