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The Journey to Meridian - Fighting for Control

Nathan Garvin

Two Towers

Travel to Khi Tasira in the Civki system - to Meridian, which turns out to be a rather massive space station. Scan it to scout out a Drop Zone, then see if this Ghost Storm technology actually works. After adjusting your loadout and watching some scenes, Ryder and your chosen squad will find themselves on the massive station. Note the anomalous weather - or rather, the fact that a space station has weather in the first place - then scan the ground to spot a conduit. So much of your success is based on utilizing SAM to activate dormant Remnant technology, and so it is here, too. First, however, search behind some Kett crates to the north to find an Adaptive Remnant Core Tech device, then head south to find a ramp. Behind some more Kett crates to the south is a console, which will activate a bridge.

Not only does this get you a way forward, but SAM will confirm that there’s a deactivated Remnant network hub further on - doubtlessly the central control interface you’re looking for. Head east down the ramp, cross a bridge and pass through a door, following the conduit in the ground to another console. Interface with it and you’ll get a view of Meridian’s command hub, which is naturally inaccessible until you fiddle around with some Remnant tech in two nearby towers - the Exploration Tower and the Research Tower. Yep, the ol’ “activate the monoliths to get the central system working” thing again.

The Research Tower

Turn around and use a newly-activated Gravity Well to descend deeper into Meridian, and when you land you’ll intercept chatter from some “Archon’s Sword” revealing that the Kett have finally realized your duplicity. Bet you two are going to be best of friends. Head west up some ramps and scan a Strange Remnant Artifact, then backtrack east, go through a door and dispatch the first bit of Kett resistance you find - the first of quite a bit, naturally. At this point, it’s only an Anointed and some Chosen, just be wary of the high ground they can hide on and the hazardous water (Electrical Hazard Level 3) found in canals - one bad jump and you’ll regret it.

After the Kett are dead, search around and note there are many more Kett dead than you’ve dispatched. The Remnant machines lying around should help explain the dead Kett, and clue you in to the fact that you’ll be facing both Kett invaders and native Remnant security. Continue east and you’ll likely find Kett reinforcements fighting Remnant machines, in case there was any doubt.

Score another victory for team Milky Way, then continue east until you path is obstructed by a wreckage… and a Scourge Energy Pocket. Because there weren’t enough environmental obstacles already. Loot a container near the wreckage, then head up two ramps to the south to reach a walkway, which you should then follow east. When you reach some more ramps, jump down to the low-ground to the north and loot a container, then jump back up to the walkway and ascend the ramp to the east to find some Strange Vegetation you can scan. Scan the plant, then loot a Uranium node nearby before continuing east and dropping off a ledge onto a walkway below.

Continue east until you reach a fork, at which you’ll find a most unwelcome site - a Fiend. It may appear alone, but don’t be fooled, as several cloaked Wraiths lurk about, waiting to complicate matters further. You have relatively little room to maneuver, but you can leap up to an elevated walkway, which should slow the Fiend down, if not reduce it to its ranged attack. Once they’re dead, loot a Uranium node in some water near some mushrooms, then turn south past where the Fiend was.

Ascend a ramp on your left, then turn west up another ramp to find a Spawner Control console you can interface with. Do so and you’ll spawn a friendly Observer that’ll help out with any Kett that may be lurking around. If you head north you’ll find a container to loot… speaking of which, there are plenty of containers and Uranium nodes you can loot en route to your destination, many of which are off the beaten path. Should you choose to go out of your way in search of treasure, be wary of the odd Kett patrol and Remnant you may come across. In the former case, you’ll largely be fighting the more common trio of Kett - Chosen, Anointed and Destined, usually in groups too small to be much of a bother.

From the console you’re near, head down the ramp to the east, then turn south. When you run out of south, turn east again and scan the ground to locate a conduit, which you can follow to your destination. Follow it up a ramp to the east, then turn north and go up another ramp. Once up the ramp turn east, then go south up a ramp and turn east again until you find a Turret Control console, which you can summon to help out against some Kett. Dispatch your foes, jump down to the low ground to the southeast, then turn south, go up a ramp and through a pair of doors.

As soon as you enter you’ll be under fire from a host of Kett, largely including Destined and Wraiths. Take cover, and when you’re clear work you way up the elevated walkway on the eastern end of the room to find a console at the end that activates a Remnant Turret in the middle of the room, which will then proceed to merrily fire down upon the Kett. There’s another console on the western walkway, but it just raises some harmful energy shields along the southern end of the room, so don’t bother with it. After the first wave of Kett are eliminated, a second will show up, including more Wraiths and Destined, this time joined by some Anointed and, possible, a Behemoth.

When the last Kett falls, scour the room for enemy drops and containers you can plunder, then head to the elevated platform on the southern side of the room to find a console which opens a door to the south. Go through two doors to the south to reach another large Remnant chamber, scan some Monstrous Fungi, then continue south to reach another Remnant Console. When you interface with this console you’ll bear witness to a startling revelation about the Remnant and the Angara.

After some chatter kill two Observers who picked a bad time to show up, then head into a side-chamber to the south where you can scan a Gnarled Tree and loot a Vanadium node behind it. Next make your way west into a small side-chamber to find a node of Uranium and a container. You might think that’s all the loot to grab here - and it’s certainly all the apparently loot lying about, but there’s a great treasure you can get with a bit of searching. Make your way to the western end of the room and two ledges should materialize out of the wall. If not, simply go to the southwestern end of the room, jump onto one of the mushrooms, then from there jump west onto the wall. However you manage it, use the ledge you jumped onto to reach a walkway running over the top of the room and follow it to its eastern end, where you’ll find a console. Interact with it to open a door below you to the east, which leads to a chamber containing a Remnant Data Core .

Grab this rare treasure and make your way back north to the room where you met heavy Kett resistance. Note that now the water in the center of the room has been drained, allowing you to jump down into the depression it occupied. Scan “Data Pattern: Testing Report 93” loot two containers, then continue north through two doors.

The Exploration Tower

One tower down, one to go. Keep going north and head down a ramp to encounter the Kett’s response to your progress: an Ascendant, who will shortly be joined by lesser Kett via a dropship. Destroy your opposition and proceed north until you reach a Remnant tree. Loot a container near the tree, then turn west and loot a second container. Jump up onto a bridge to the west and turn north, then scan the ground to find a conduit. This yellow line will lead you through the Remnant maze north and west to a Bridge Control console, which, naturally, conjures up a Remnant bridge.

Cross the bridge to reach a more stable walkway, then turn east to find a Remnant Barrier you can scan. Want to bet this will come down when you access the second tower? To the west, on the other hand, you’ll find a “Data Pattern: Announcement” you can scan. Scan what you will, then cross a second bridge to the north.

Continue north until you find a large engagement between the Kett and the Remnant, including a Turret and a Nullifier for the Remnant and perhaps a Behemoth for the Kett. Let them fight it out, if you wish, then mop up any stragglers. From where the battle raged, continue north and go up a ramp to the west where you’ll be able to scan “Data Pattern: Evacuation Notice”. If you drop down to the ground to the east and continue north you’ll find numerous Scourge tendrils, which will elicit some conversation. While it may be a conversation starter, it’s easier to go around the Scourge than through it, so backtrack to where the Remnant and the Kett fought.

Go up a ramp to the east and continue east down another ramp, picking your way across a damaged, fiery bridge until you find a Bridge Control console. Active a bridge, which… well, it may not be straight or level, but it’ll get you across the water. Make your way north and scan a “Downed Kett Ship” between some Scourge tendrils, but be wary of a jerk Remnant Turret to the north that’ll gleefully take potshots at you. Destroy it and any Observers and Breachers that join it, then use a console to open a door to the north.

Scan and follow a conduit north through another door, then into a large Remnant chamber. Head down a ramp and don’t be shy about scanning and looting the place, as there’s currently no opposition. Along the southern end of the room are two Observer Replication Control hubs, while one more can be found on each of the walkways to the east and west. Between two ramps along the eastern end of the room you’ll find a “Data Pattern: Cluster Renewal” panel, while behind a column to the north you’ll find an Adaptive Remnant Core Device.

Head up several ramps to the northern end of the room, where, on an elevated platform you’ll find an Exploration Systems console to the south. Interface with it to find out that… well, it’s busted. Another day, another “restore power to the dormant Remnant tech” task. Scan the ground of the room to the south and note the conduits zig-zagging between several consoles across the room. The solution to this puzzle is simple enough, just follow the conduit from this Exploration Systems console to the northern-most console on the western walkway (the P-shaped symbol, not the F-shaped symbol, if you will). Next follow the conduit across the room to the eastern walkway and interface with the northern-most console here. Backtrack to the west again and activate the console with the F-shaped console, then return east and interface with the last console. As usual, if you make a mistake at any point you’ll be met with Remnant opposition.

Return to the elevated platform along the northern end of the room and make use of the now-active Remnant Console to the north, which will restore power to Meridian’s central command hub. Unfortunately, you’re not the only ones who stand to benefit from this, so you’d best not stand by idly unless the Kett steal a march on you. Before you can deal with the Kett, however, you’ll have to dispatch some awakened Remnant, including a Destroyer and some Assemblers, who will later be joined by a few Nullifiers.

The Destroyer is probably going to be too powerful to dispatch easily, and will constantly harass you with both its rapid-fire turrets and its slower, but more powerful shots. It’s not too much trouble if you have the freedom to maneuver from cover to cover, and to that end you’ll want to dispatch the Assemblers and Nullifiers first. Focusing on the Destroyer’s turrets can be a fine way to neuter it offensively, reducing it to slowly stomping towards you and attacking with its area-of-effect energy field.

To the Central Command Hub

When the last of the Remnant are smote, loot whatever goodies they dropped, then make your way back south through two doors and exit the Exploration Tower. Continue south down a ramp and kill whatever paltry Remnant defense is fabricated to oppose you. Once done, backtrack south to the double-bridges in the center of the area, where you’ll spot a task force of Kett running east towards the central command hub, led by a Fiend.

The Kett will ignore you, even if you engage them, as their goal is set on the central command hub to the east. Once they cross the stable bridge, however, they’ll be engaged by some Remnant, including a Destroyer, after which they’ll be more than happy to engage you. Ideally, then, you can either engage the Kett on the stable bridge while they’re willing to ignore you and attempt to do as much damage as possible, or you can just hang back and let the Kett run headlong into the Remnant, and let them wear themselves out fighting each other.

Play janitor and clean up whatever is left behind - the Kett will largely spend themselves on the Destroyer they encounter early on, but don’t let you guard down, as there are many more Remnant to the east. Press on to the east and fight your way through numerous Nullifiers and Assemblers, stopping only to loot a container near a door up a ramp.

Go through the door at the eastern end of the chamber to reach another room with a Gravity Well in the middle of it. Ignore the Gravity Well for a moment and head up some ramps to the west and scan a “Data Pattern: Saving Meridian”, then turn east to loot a container. Ride the Gravity Well up and turn east to find another container, then turn west and go through a door to reach the central command hub chamber. Continue west and search north of the first ramp to find an Adaptive Remnant Core Device you can scan, then continue west up numerous ramps to reach the top-most platform where a Remnant Console can be found. Use this time to scout out the battlefield and note the location of ammo boxes and health boxes… you know, just in case.

When you’re ready, interface with the Remnant Console, only to find out that the “Meridian Engine” is missing. Listen to an ancient message explaining the latest complication - and your next goal - after which your mastery of Khi Tasira will be contested by the Kett fleet, and afterwards, by the Archon’s Sword himself.

Boss Battle - Archons Sword

The Archon’s Sword is basically an elite Destined, wielding a shotgun and capable of deploying cloaking mist. The shotgun naturally limits its effective range and forces it to be a close-range combatant. That said, it’s well protected by it shields, and after they’re depleted you should strive to deal as much damage as possible to it before it inevitably cloaks.

The most dangerous part of this fight isn’t necessarily the Archon’s Sword, itself, but rather the horde of Kett that accompany him. He’s initially joined by Anointed and Chosen, but as you deplete his shields and force him to cloak he’ll be joined by fresh waves of Kett. The second wave includes more lesser Kett, this time joined by Wraiths, while the third wave includes more Chosen and a Fiend. The Archon’s Sword’s primary threat, then, is sneaky around and taking advantage of you when you’re pressured or distracted by his minions.

Stay mobile, as this maze of ramps and multi-level walkways is all too easy for the Kett to navigate, and a static defense is certain to be flanked. Focus on the lesser Kett, and when they’re gone, pummel the Archon’s Sword until he cloaks, after which be wary of the next wave approaching from the east. Repeat until you’re victorious.

After the battle Ryder will communication with the Tempest via comm, after which Ryder will attempt to formulate a plan… well, sort of. Tracking down a missing bit of ancient tech hurtled into space untold centuries ago is a task that makes searching for a needle in a haystack trivial, but at least you scored another victory against the Kett and wrested control of Khi Tasira away from them.

Tempest After Meridian

Back on the Tempest you’ll have a chat with Tann, who admits that your success excuses your insubordination before seemingly granting you free reign to proceed as you wish. Enjoy another 1,000 AVP, after which Suvi will chat with you, promising a lead that might help you find Meridian.

Of course, you know what comes next - time to chat with everybody on the Nexus, pick up new quests, all that good stuff. Naturally Jaal has a bit to say about what you discovered on Khi Tasira, while many other party members will have throw-away comments. Check your Email terminal on the bridge and read the Email “Didn’t want to send this” to start the quest “Liam Kosta: All In”. If you’ve been keeping up with Keri you should get the Email “I’m free!”, which, of course, reactivates “Task: Path of a Hero”. Finally, chat with Lexi in the Med Bay twice and, after wasting your time with banter she’ll ask you to get some proper alcohol for the upcoming movie night, starting the quest “Movie Night: Raise a Glass”.

If that’s not enough busy-work for you, you also have access to the Meo system, the Layan system, the Vaotessa system, the Bosavay system, the Vaar system, the Ratul system and the Rohvir system. Additionally, talking to Liam and advancing “Liam Kosta: All In” will grant you access to the Sephesa system. Not as much to do as in previous chapters, perhaps, but still a bit to occupy yourself with, if you’re looking for a diversion before continuing on with the main story. Oh, and if you’ve been flirting regularly and completed the loyalty mission of that special someone, you might just have an encounter with them, too. The aforementioned quests will be covered below, the new systems are detailed in the “Space Exploration” section, while the main story continues with “Meridian: The Way Home”.


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