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Shock Treatment

Nathan Garvin

Darwin Award Contenders

You could have accomplished much of this quest earlier, while you were exploring Prodromos, and honestly, there’s little reason not to. Still, to keep things compartmentalized… start this quest by heading southwest from the Tempest towards the massive water purification rings, near which are two structures. Enter the one closest to the rings and interact with a terminal inside to find the post “Please Help”, which details the Darwin-award winning antics of some colonists. This will start the quest “Shock Treatment”.

Find a duty roster (left) and some medical logs (right) around Prodromos to learn where the Remnant-bothering colonists are.

Gathering Intel

From where the Tempest is parked, head southeast to find a two-story structure (the northern-most of Prodromos’s two such structures) and head upstairs to find Cain Fawkes. He’s not important for this quest, but he is a good living landmark. From him turn northeast to find a Datapad which contains the details of a duty roster, one of the bits of information you need to save the Prodromos settlers from their own stupidity.

Leave this two-story structure and head southwest to another such lofty building. Again your goal is upstairs, where you’ll find some Medical Equipment near Dr. Ramirez, which you can scan to learn more about the colonists who are attempting to commit suicide-by-Remnant.

Reach the Remnant ruins before the timer runs out to find the colonists under attack by Remnant (left). Defeat the Remnant at the colonists will grudgingly decide to leave the Remnant to the professionals.

Rescue From the Remnant

Now that you’ve got the intel you need hop back into the Nomad and drive east to the second monolith, where you’ll find a Communications Array on the ground northeast of the central console. Scan it to pick up some chatter, which will give away the location of the colonists.

Quickly get back in the Nomad and fast travel to the Forward Station to the east, near the Kett base outside of the third monolith. You have just over two minutes to reach the colonists, and fortunately fast travel time doesn’t count, which should make driving from the Forward Station near the Kett base to the Remnant ruins a trivial bit of business.

When you arrive, you’ll find the colonists under attack by some Remnant. Seems their dreams of easy-living on the back of hacked Remnant bots failed the reality test something fierce. Defeat the Remnant Observers, Assemblers, and a new bot type - the Nullifier - a sturdy, armored machine that can create barriers and shoot through cover. Fortunately it’s primary attack is well-advertised and takes a while to fire, so you should have plenty of time to dodge. When the last of the Remnant are demolished talk to the Initiative Worker (Jennings) after the battle. He doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, but on the bright side you’ll get a massive influx of XP, 29 AVP and +2% Eos viability. Before you leave, loot some containers, then head over to some rocks to the west and score some Platinum. Added incentive for those who search.


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